Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Recap

This weekend was spent enjoying time with the Peters family.

Maggie came & did a Pampered Chef show for me (which was awesome!) and Steve, Charlie & Eli came along to hang out, go to the drags & just have fun!

The following is a camera dump of the highlights from our weekend.

Charlie enjoying Friday afternoon qualifying.

I think he really liked it.  But what boy (big or little) doesn't enjoy loud noise & flames?

Aidan & Charlie with the John Force Racing 9/11 Tribute car

ACE has loved the drags since he was an infant.

Charlie taking a ride on the Harley.

Aidan & Joe Amato.

Aidan & Charlie with the Lucas Oil tow vehicle.  Pretty cool!

I want this sign in my yard.

Maggie & Eli (wearing his mothe's famous scowl).

Charlie wearing the cheese popcorn from the Kettlecorn stand.

Funny Car flames.

Eli had his tootie - and...dropped it underneath the grandstands.  Austin & Aidan went down and rescued it.

Beautiful small sunset over Maple Grove Raceway.

The Jet Car was impressive!

After a long day at the track, Aidan was exhausted.

This is the Sunday traffic back-up.  We live one-mile from Gate 1!

My sweet husband back at the track on Sunday.  Thanks Zach for the great picture!

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