Friday, October 28, 2011

Three Things - 10/28/2011

Another Friday is here!  Why does it seem that as I get older, the days, weeks, months just rush by?

Oh well, here we go!

Three Things I Am Loving:
1.  Act 80 Days.  Today ACE and I both have an ACT 80 1/2 day.  Which means school for us is done at 1:00.  I love days like this!

2.  Making classroom treats.  Okay maybe I don't particularly love making the treats, but what I did love was the gratitude.  ACE came downstairs to find me frosting the cookies (which is a chore that takes me FOREVER!).  He leans over my shoulder, inspects them and says "Mom, you're the best"  My heart melted, I grinned from ear to ear, I leaned over, kissed him on the cheek and said "I love you so much".  I would have made 30 more right there on the spot if he would have asked me to.

3.  Roses from my husband.  Well, not actually purchased by him, but he brought them home!

Three Things I Am Not Loving:
1. Uncertainty.  Dislike it very much.  Turnin' it over to God I tell ya!

2.  Cold weather.  I like being on our toasty home, but hustling out to a cold car, driving in a cold car (until it warms up), running in to wherever I am going - not ideal.

3.  The rapidly approaching holidays.  LOVE the holiday season, it's just the stressful part preceding it.  Guess it's another thin\g to turn over to God...

That's a wrap!  A fun-filled weekend of a little lacrosse, a little pumpkin carving and family time.  Son #1 will be thrilled!

Have a great weekend!!!

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