Thursday, June 28, 2007


The end of week number one was ended with the boys returning from their camping weekend with Saba, Shamma & Rick Stoner. They had a wonderful time at the "Death by Chocolate" weekend at Brookdale. The made a huge haul on candy & had so much fun.

Steve, Maggie & Charlie even came over for the day on Saturday, so Saba & Shamma got to spend the day with all their grandsons.

Week number two started out with a trip to the movies to see Evan Almighty. And might I say, it is a great family movie. A good message for children & adults too! was FREAKIN' HOT!!! We went to Waldameer Park & Water World where we spent the majority of our time in Water World.

When Aidan & I finally ventured out into the park, we went on our favorite rides: Sky Ride (Aidan & I), Pirates Cove (Aidan only - I have never liked this ride!), Thunder Canyon (I think this is what it's called - it's the log flume ride where you get wet!) & the Waldameer must ride Wacky Shack (Aidan & I).

While we were waiting in the long line for Thunder Canyon, I said to Aidan, "We should go on that new ride over there!". And with that I pointed to this tall pinnacle towering over us. He said "I don't know Mom if I want to go on THAT!!!".

THAT is the new attraction at Waldameer called X Scream.

It is a ride that sit with your back to the center, your legs dangle below you & it very slowly proceeds to hoist you 140 feet in the air, let you hang for just a second and then lets you free fall back down to within 12 feet of the platform.

I am TERRIFIED of heights & I was really swallowing hard when after we got off Thunder Canyon he said "Sure Mom, I'll go on that with you!". I gulped & managed to tell him "O-O-O-O-kay...L-L-L-Lets G-G-Go" and off we went to wait in the surprisingly short (much to my chagrin) line for X Scream.

We got on the ride & I helped Aidan buckle himself in & the proceeded to buckle myself in. We observed the sign that demonstrated the proper way to sit in your seat (look straight ahead - don't look down). Yeah - no kidding. We'd hate for you to crap your pants on the way up & on the way down.

It took an excruciatingly long time to get to the top of the ride. However I must say the view of the peninsula & Lake Erie is breathtaking. And then like I said,a split second later - Aidan & I were plummeting towards earth.

I wish I could have seen his face & was probably glad I couldn't see my own. I'm sure "Holy S***" escaped my lips.

And then before I knew it, we were unbuckling & off the ride - just like that. We then walked over to the Wacky Shack which is right next door & while we were waiting in line, Aidan says "Mom, I'll go on that X Scream ride again if you want me to" to which I reply "Uh, no we don't have time to do that again, we will have to get back to meet Shamma.".

Thank God for having to pick up Dad from work. I don't think I could have handled another ride.

Thursday we went to the Erie Zoo. I love the zoo & so do Shamma & her boys. Our trip this time was extra special because it was Charlie's first trip to the zoo. And let me tell you, he was thrilled.

We got to see all our favorite animals as well as some new additions.

The boys got to ride the carousel & then the train. We all had so much fun, which is the norm at the zoo.

Austin, Aidan & I, Dessa Hoover & Maggie & Charlie

Austin riding the turkey on the carousel

Aidan riding the jack rabbit

My sweet little nephew

Tomorrow Mom & I are going to see a docudrama called Grey Gardens & we are also going to Borders - WOO HOO!

I don't think anything exciting is planned for this weekend. At least not at the moment.

Jerry~ We all miss you soooo much & can't wait to see you next weekend! We love you!!!! MUUUUAH. XXXOOO

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Well, we've been here a full week today & it has been very relaxing & tons of fun.

I really haven't done a whole bunch other than sticking around the house, doing laundry, spoiling my nephew & being the referee with my sons.

We went out to see Bob & Sue Mattis at the cabin they rent down on the lake just east of Freeport on Monday, June 18. Nana Fuller was there and that was great to see her!

The boys wore their swimsuits & we had no sooner got there & they were off to the "beach".

They both enjoyed splashing in the chilly water & finding all sorts of "goodies" along the shore line. Austin took a particular interest in skipping rocks & I must say he's pretty good at it. He got quite a few to skip multiple times across the water. Aidan just likes to be near and/or in the water. He liked all the little shells that you find along the beach along with some other little treasures he found.

The boys went camping with Saba & Shamma this weekend. So Tricia & I had the house to ourselves.

On Friday night we went out to dinner with Tricia's friends Jamie, Kathleen & Lee Anne.

We went to a little Italian restaurant on the west side called Mi Scuzzi. It was amazing! When we first arrived we went to the bar to wait for Lee Anne. I had a Sangria which was very tasty & I managed to make it last through dinner.

As an appetizer, the waitress brought out a small dish of olives & artichokes that were soaking in olive oil. Now I didn't eat any of these because I don't like olives or artichokes, but they still looked really good.

We placed our order (Tricia & I shared an entree) & as we waited we had actual honest to goodness grown up conversation. And there was no fighting, no monkey business, it was very enjoyable.

Next our salads came out & I had opted for the Gorgonzola cheese. Boy was I glad I did. The salad was crisp & light. The Gorgonzola added the perfect amount of creaminess, salt & tang that was the extraordinary combination.

Next our waitress brought out garlic knots with fresh shredded parmigiana reggiano slivered on the top. The were a terrific compliment to our main course. Tricia & I shared a plate of Chicken Marsala with homemade linguini with red sauce. Oh my gosh, the chicken just melted in your mouth. It was combined with mushrooms & a wonderful Marsala wine sauce - YUM!

And the linguini... All I can say is WOW-AMAZING-FABULOUS! The noodles were like nothing I had ever had before. The texture, the flavor...this is a must try restaurant. So even if you don't live in the Erie area, get in your car & go to Mi Scuzzi. It's on Scott Street - DELICIOUS!

We then went back to Jamie & Kathleen's house that they are currently renovating. They gave me the grand tour & their house is just gorgeous. They have put a lot of work into this house & I was amazed at all the little things that make this house breathtaking.

Tricia & I went down to the boat for just a few minutes so she could see her good friend Jake (who she hasn't seen since September) & then it was off to the W.A. for Karaoke with John & Jessi Erickson. Tricia was terrific, as usual singing her hits "Total Eclipse of the Heart", "Kerosene" & her new sensation "Black Horse & A Cherry Tree". We also sang "I Touch Myself" & "Copacabana".

Tricia is a really terrific singer & I love going to karaoke even if it's just to watch & listen to her sing.

Last night we went to picnic in at Matt & Donna's which I though would be Just a few of us & it ended being about 30 people. It was Matt, Donna, Emily & Dan - Grandma Eva & Theresa - Mark, Marian, Liz & Sarah - Mandy & Sherry - Carrie & Chris - Carrie, Olivia, one of Olivia's friends & Terrence - Glenn, Kim, Sam, Darryl & Brian - Ken, Kendra, Hunter, Tucker & Rylee - Luke Morton - Tricia & I. I may be forgetting someone, but that's 31 already!

Matt made chicken (which Donna had marinated all day in Italian dressing) on the fire & then the made ribs & hot dogs too. We had parsley potatoes, coleslaw, fruit salad & Tricia made the most sinful cookies with huge chocolate chunks.

We sat around the fire until well after dark, by then it had dwindled to just Matt's family, Ken's family, Carrie & Chris, Tricia & I. We made some smores, Matt set off some fireworks & we finally made it home around 11:00.

Today we have a graduation party to go to for some family friends. One graduated from college & the other high school. It should be fun!

I can't wait for the boys to get home from Brookdale with their stories of what they did with Saba, Shamma & Rick Stoner.

Hopefully I will update sooner, so I don't have so much to type in one sitting!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


About Me

I AM: Emotional, Stubborn, Creative, Loyal

I WANT: A better relationship with my husband. I hope its not too late

I HAVE: Too much stuff - period.

I WISH: That I was more ambitious

I HATE: Being far away from my family

I MISS: My parents, my sisters

I HEAR: The boys talking (a.k.a. arguing) about what movie they are going to watch

I SEARCH: For a quick fix for all my problems

I WONDER: If things will ever change

I REGRET: Getting married so young & moving away from my family

I LOVE: My sons, the spring & fall, staying up late talking with my sisters

I ACHE: For my sons when whey are hurting

I ALWAYS: Try to do the best I can - although sometimes - okay most times - not very successful with this.

I AM NOT: Very patient or understanding sometimes.

I DANCE: When no ones watching, or when I've had a few drinks

I SING: All the time...Karaoke anyone?

I CRY: More than I should.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: A good friend, or good mother - I try though.

I WRITE: As often as I can here of late. I actually enjoy writing.

I WIN: When I am there for my sons.

I LOSE: When I miss the little things. They are what makes life worth living.


I NEED: Someone who motivates me & who I can motivate

I HOPE: That my sons become wonderful young men. They are my legacy to this world.

I WEAR: Stuff that is comfy & keeps me warm!

Monday, June 11, 2007

What We've Been Up To

It's been a while since my last post. We have been busy little beavers around here.

Here's a brief synopsis of the past few days events accompanied by some photos of course!

Friday, June 8 was Austin & Aidan's last day of school. Both of them had good report cards & are so glad summer vacation is FINALLY here. Also on Friday, our niece Julie graduated from high school. I was so glad that we got to attend her graduation because we had attended our other nephews & nieces ceremonies.

I am so proud of Julie. She will attend Reading Area Community College in the fall.

On Saturday, June 9, Jerry, Austin, Aidan & I went to the Crayola Factory in Easton, Pennsylvania with our niece Amy's group from RACC.
We had so much fun there. It was an interactive experience that showed you how crayons & markers were made & offered the opportunity to make many different art projects that we took full advantage of.

Austin is using the Wonder Magic Crayola Products at this station. He liked them so much that he bought some at the gift shop.

Here is Aidan using the Crayola Chalk to draw on the indoor sidewalk.

In the same building as the Crayola Factory (and for our same $9.00) there was the National Canal Museum.

The boys really enjoyed this museum because it was interactive as well. They could run their own barge, raise the wickets to let water enter and/or exit the lock, and then open the lock to push their boat in. They also saw how to harness a mule, build an aqueduct (using a keystone!), and captain their own ship on a computer program they had there.

Here is Aidan with his boat operating the locks.

One of the volunteers at the museum told us that if we wanted to see the locks in action we should go to Lockport, New York because it is a double lock on the Erie Canal.

We will have to talk to Saba & Shamma about planning an excursion there.

Here are Austin & Aidan learning about & operating the cranes.

Aidan & I with the completed aqueduct we built.

On Sunday, we went to our nieces graduation party. Amy graduated from college & Julie's high school party. It was so much fun! Jerry played horseshoes, we visited with our friends & had lots of great food!

A thunderstorm came through early in the evening and that drove us inside, but we continued the party with karaoke which was a blast! We did not get home till 11:00 last night. Thank goodness the boys were spending the night & didn't have to get up for school this morning!

On a more somber note, our friend Dave lost his battle with cancer last Wednesday, June 6. Dave was a fellow Zone 4 firefighter who was fun to be around & who will be sorely missed.

This morning, Jerry & I attended his funeral & I can honestly say it was one of the most emotional things I have ever witnessed.

This is a picture of the flag that was strung between two ladder trucks. The procession went underneath it.

Our prayers are with his family.

Sunday, June 3, 2007


This is quite possibly the hardest thing I have ever done.

My sweet eleven year old has been growing his hair for close to a year. Except for the occasional trim, he hasn't gotten his hair cut.

He has taken a lot of harassment from his aunts, his cousins, I'm sure from his friends at school, but he didn't care, he liked his hair. I defended him, kept asking people "Did you forget the seventies - when every guy had long hair?"

Well, it's been kind of warm here the past week & I think he finally had it with the long hair.

Tonight he asked if I would cut his hair. I was mortified.

"Who - me?" I stammered. And he said "Yeah Mom - just buzz it off. I want my head shaved.

So I took a deep breath, a deep gulp & began to shave his head.

He sat through my gasps & endured a shaver that heated up after all that work.

He got a shower where his father lathered up his head & then shaved it with a straight razor &
put after shave on it.

Thanks goodness he has a nice round head! Doesn't he look handsome?

And grown up too. Maybe I don't like it so much.