Monday, November 23, 2009

My New Christmas Ornament

My niece Amy and her husband Ryan went to Florida this past week. Well the sweet things that they are, they brought me back a souvenir. I was so surprised!

We got to see the video they took while on safari & a couple other places. We got to see it at Pop-Pop's last night. It looked really great! Jerry & I looked at some of their pictures, but it's kind of hard to look at that many pictures on a little digital camera screen. Hopefully we will be able to look at them on a T.V. when we are there for Thanksgiving.

They brought us back a grapefruit & an orange, the boys got these HUGE Jawbreaker lollipops and I got....
THIS ADORABLE SNOWMAN ORNAMENT! I ran to give both of them a hug - it is so freakin' cute! I can't wait to put it on my tree.
Many thanks to both of them for thinking of me on their vacation!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lazy Sundays

The boys spent the night at Merry's last night, so Jerry & I had another night to ourselves. We went to Grill Fire Company Turkey Raffle. Once again, we did not win a turkey, but we did have a fun time!

We took Merry along with us (Julie & Scott were in charge of the boys), had a couple of cocktails & then were home a little after midnight. I love having grown-up nights!

This morning we went to get the boys & then came home and made a Coconut Custard Pie (a test run for Thursday). I am also going to make another batch of Christmas Cookies to freeze.

All my boys are in the living room watching a movie - laughing & having some quality male bonding time. I do love a lazy Sunday - even if it's not that lazy for me!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

ACE Parent-Teacher Conference

We had our conference with Aidan's teacher this past Monday afternoon. It was great!

Aidan's teacher is a wonderful woman who is a really great fit for him. She is young, fun & doesn't put up with any monkey business which is exactly what he needs. He is the type of kid - you give him an inch & he'll take - a thousand miles.

She showed us his report card - which he did really well - three A's, two B's & his math progress report (in today's times, they do not get a grade in math - just a bunch of different skill sets in which they are placed in either beginning, developing or secure). He is right where he is supposed to be in all of those.

His teacher then told us that Aidan is very confident - especially in math. I could of told her that. The kid has been able to be the banker in Monopoly for three or four years now. He can also make change in his head when we go to the grocery store and he buys two packs of gum.

She also said he is very competitive. I don't even think she's seen him play football - or wrestle!
He is doing really well in third grade - can't believe the first quarter is over already!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Check out this blog!

I check out this blog pretty regularly & there is always new stuff - recipes, scrapbooking, pictures...I love it!

Check out this giveaway Amanda is offering - AWESOME!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hey All!

How's everybody doing? The Ebersole Family is fantastic! We have rolled into November with very little scars & love this season.
We are officially done with football. Aidan was done this past Sunday & Austin has his last football game Tuesday, November 3 at Pottsville (which is right next door to Yuengling!)
Aidan's team didn't fare too well on Sunday, but he still had a good time playing in the mud at Exeter. Austin's team beat Pottsville very handily & they were pretty psyched about that. On Thursday, they will be having a pizza party for the end of their season.
I have included several pictures of my boys - just so you can see them in action.
Austin - #13 - in the middle
Pottsville Stadium
Aidan's Halloween costume creation - don't ask because I have no idea
So, that's about it for us. Just enjoying life & trying not to get TOO crazy!