Thursday, September 29, 2011

Three Things - 09/29/2011

Three Things I'm Loving this Week:  (Okay maybe four)

1.  Cooler weather and enjoyable cups of coffee.  I love my morning coffee every day, but it just seem cozier when the weather dips in the fall.  I can also justify another 1/2 cup to myself - (it's chilly!).

2.  Pastor Keith McGarvey's sermons available to download on  Now I have something worthwhile to listen to in the car.  I hope his previous sermon's will be available in the future!

3.  NHRA Drag Racing at Maple Grove Raceway.  Before I moved here, I had no idea what the phenomenon was.  Nineteen years later I am hooked.  It is amazing to watch cars hurdle down the track at speeds of over 300 mph.  Night qualifying is by far my favorite.  Sniff a little nitro?  Yes please (even though it makes you cry like a baby).

It is this weekend by the way.

4.  Wednesday morning Bible Study.  It feels like home.  A wonderful group of women who have "been there, done that" or maybe just have a different perspective on what's going on in the world.  One of the few places where my heart is at peace.

Three Things I'm Not Loving this Week:
1.  Before school wardrobe fights with Aidan.  "I wish I could wear what I wanted!" is a phrase I hear frequently these days.  Yes sweetheart I understand, but you will look ridiculous if you wear that ensemble to school.

2.  Getting paid every other week.  Yes I am thankful that Jerry and I both get regular paychecks.  But the fact that we both get paid the same week makes the off week a little tricky.  I hope that I will get used to this sometime soon.

3.  It's that time of year...  when rodents start making their pilgrimage indoors.  When you live in a farmhouse that is over 200 years old and have a significant phobia of them - it's terrifying.

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