Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What to do, what to do

Aidan got off the bus yesterday almost in tears.

"What's wrong?"  I asked.

"Nothing.?" was his reply.

I pressed again.  As did his father.

"What's wrong dude?"

"My lunchbox," "It's somewhere on the bus," "and Dave (the wing nut bus driver) wouldn't let me look for it." .  Truly award winning I tell you.

He said that other children on the bus said he got on with it, but he looked for it and could not find it.

We have had our share of problems with Dave.  One day last school year, he decided to do the afternoon bus route BACKWARDS.  You know, drop the last kids off the bus first and the first kids off last.

There were a lot of complaints to the transportation office about that.  Shocking.  I know.

This year, Aidan got off the bus with his binder an absolute wreck - and wet.  The contents were not securely fastened inside.  After asking him what happened, he said that the emergency hatch on the roof of the bus leaks (it was raining that day) and Dave jammed on the brakes causing his book bag to fly off the seat, the binder flew out of the bag and opened up.

Now, if he would have had his book bag zippered shut, the binder would not have come out, but still - a leaking bus roof?  Jamming on the brakes?

We didn't call transportation that day because I don't think I want to be "that" parent. 

Then one who calls and complains over every. little. thing.

But today was different.  I think.

Jerry called the transportation office immediately to tell them about the most recent incident.

The kind woman that answers the phone said she would personally go out and check the bus when the driver got back and would call back.

Well after about 45 minutes she called and said the lunch box was not on the bus and she had spoken to the bus driver who told her that he had instructed Aidan that he wasn't to look for his lunch box and he proceeded to do it anyway.

As a parent I struggle with "believing my son and knowing my son" all the time.  Did he turn on the water works in order to draw sympathy and not the wrath of Mom?

I am sure Dave told him to not look for his lunch box.  But what preceded that conversation?  Was the bus moving?  I bet it was.  I am positive we will never get a straight answer.  He doesn't want to get in trouble. And really.  What 11 year-old boy does?

Aidan knows what I freak I am about his lunch box.  I have lectured him numerous times about taking care of it.

He may very well have left it at school.  I mean how observant are a bunch of elementary school kids?  Did they really see him get on the bus with it?

The consequence is that today he will have to buy lunch at school - Jerry & I will look like "smacked-asses" because we called to complain - again.

We will see if he gets off the bus this afternoon with a lunch box or not.

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