Monday, August 27, 2007


Can you hear it? The sound of excitement? The sound of nervous laughter? Well, if you can, it isn't coming from my house.
Today was the first day of school around here & I guess to boys, it's just another day. They could care less. The only thing I hear is silence. Even though the two of them spent the majority of the summer fighting with one another, I would prefer that as opposed to being alone.

I start work after Labor Day, so it's just a few days this week that I have to endure being by myself.

By the way, can you see the excitement on their faces?

I didn't think so.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Well, we have been quite the busy beavers around here lately.

Last week, the boys started everyday football practice from 5:30 to 7:30. Thank goodness they both love it & don't complain about having to go everyday when it's so hot.

The boys are both very good at football & it is fun to watch them practice. Austin always plays with his heart & it is amazing to watch the "one man wrecking machine" take on kids twice as big as him & bring them to the ground. Aidan is the Tazmanian Devil. He tackles with wreckless abandon & runs "mad fast" - scoring just about every time he has the ball.

Austin was assigned to the Maroon team tonight at their first scrimmage & they play on Saturdays. We will probably find out tomorrow which team Aidan will play on, but chances are he will play on the Sunday Varsity team. Hopefully they will let him play on the Saturday team so we won't have football all weekend long.

Friday we went to the Toyo Tires Nationals at Maple Grove Raceway. We all love the drags & since they moved them to August, it works out much better for us.

The boys & I went back early Friday afternoon & then came home for a little rest & then went back for night qualifying. We were not disappointed!

Austin got Gary Scelzi's autograph which thrilled him. He told Gary that he picked him every week in fantasy NHRA & wished him good luck in his retirement next year. Gary said that there were weeks that he wouldn't have picked himself, but this weekend he would pick him.

Austin also got Larry Dixon's signature. He is another favorite of Austin's. I have new found respect for Larry. We were standing down by the finish line when Larry finished his qualifying run. Austin said "Mom, look it's Larry." I told him to say "Hi Larry!" and he did. Larry turned to Austin (who was wearing a Dixon t-shirt) and said "Hi! - Nice shirt!" When we were up in the pits later on, he remembered Austin from the end of the track. I thought that was pretty cool considering the thousands of people he sees each day.
Aidan got Tony Schumacher's autograph on his Tony Schumacher shirt which made him happy. I love Tony! He is always so nice to the kids!

The boys also got Robert Hight's autograph. I think they did that more for Jerry than they did for themselves. Robert is John Force's son-in-law & also drives for him.

On Saturday morning, Tricia, Maggie & Charlie arrived for our tattoo weekend. The Myers' girls went to Mike's Tattoo & Body piercing to get inked.
We had decided that we wanted to get the Chinese symbol for sisters. I would get two younger sister symbols, Tricia would get one older sister symbol & one younger sister symbol & Maggie would get two older sister symbols.

Well, my sisters decided that they didn't want just the symbols, they wanted a little extra. Tricia got a gladiolis flower which represents strength of character & Maggie got three lilac blossoms which stands for beauty, which all of us are absolutely stunning! I opted for just the symbols, in each of their favorite colors: Tricia's in green, Maggie's in blue. I am loving the location I chose (after consulting with the tattoo artist about the least painful spot) & the actual tattoo itself. Now every time I look at it, I think of the two people in this world who mean the world to me & I couldn't imagine a day without. I am so glad that they were able to come down & that we could do this together.

And not to leave out my little chunky monkey nephew. He also got inked on his arm, (even if it was just temporary).

And I just thought this was so sweet. Aidan fell asleep between our screen door & our front door with Ruger. What a good dog & a super sweet boy I have.

Friday, August 10, 2007


Well this week has proved to me that even though nothing special was planned, you can still have a fun time!

This week the boys both had doctor's appointments for their physicals for football/school.

We had to start going to a new doctor because the previous doctor could not schedule us until the end of October. That would not work for us.

Austin's appointment went off without a hitch. He is 4'9" tall & weighs 70 1/2 pounds. The doctor said he is a little underweight, but he looks good. He also has 20-15 vision which means it is better than 20-20. I thought that was terrific!

Aidan's appointment was going really well. He weighs 54 pounds (didn't ask how tall he was) & I wasn't with him when they tested his vision. However when it came to the portion of the physical where they checked him for a hernia, I thought I was going to tinkle in my pants.

Now keep in mind, Aidan has no idea what a hernia is & had no idea what the doctor was going to do. I seriously thought Aidan was going to punch the doctor in the face. He growled at him & stood there tapping his foot. He was not happy about this at all.

He told me later that the next time the doctor tried this, he was going to punch him in the hernia. Won't the doctor be surprised!

Tuesday & Wednesday night were spent at football mini camp. It was so stinkin' hot & I am so proud of them for not complaining & doing what their coaches told them to do.

They had lots of water breaks where they drank copious amounts of H20 & despite the heat, were really glad to be starting another football season.

Next week they start everyday football practice with helmets & pads. Hopefully it won't be so hot. For their sake & mine!

Monday, August 6, 2007


Well, we are back from ten, county 'em ten action packed days in Potter County. Okay maybe action packed is a bit of a stretch, but nonetheless, it was still a very relaxing vacation.

I love going to Cherry Springs because first, it is the only vacation I've ever really known.

I mean I've been to Florida & a couple other vacations with my parents & sisters, but Potter County is well, consistent.

I know before I ever go that it is going to be relaxing & there will be lots of time to do absolutely NOTHING. I know that my family (parents, sisters, brother-in-law, nephew, uncles, aunts & cousins) will all be there & I will get to spend the week with all of them in one place.

That to me is one of the best things.

Another awesome things is the fact that there is no electricity. That means no television, no computer & no X-Box. The boys have got to use their imaginations & make their own fun. Almost everything they do involves something physical, they run from our campsite up the hill to Saba & Shamma's or Em & Dan's or they sit & play's good for their minds.

During the course of the week we...

Went to an informational lecture given by the park that was about the history of Cherry Springs State Park & the C.C.C. Mom asked a question about this structure located across the road to Galeton from the park.

The park naturalist said she believed it was old well. The funny thing is, neither Jerry nor I had ever noticed in our 33 years if camping at Cherry Springs.

Jerry, Michael, Jason, Austin, Aidan & I also went to Coudersport one day & on our way back we drove out to the Cherry Springs Vista Overlook.

The view was spectacular & sometimes it's hard for me to believe that this is in Pennsylvania.
Dad took Jerry, Steve & Jason golfing on Wednesday & that night the boys went up on the old airport runway & tried out each other's golf clubs. Apparently Steve really likes Jason's new driver & Jason can't hit it worth a crap. He shanks it to the right every time.

Maggie, Charlie & I walked up to the runway to watch them. On the way Charlie stopped at Jason's truck & turned on the siren & lights. I was so proud!

Steve was instructing Maggie on the proper way to swing a golf club (yeah..right - notice his hand placement?)

And look at Maggie, Charlie & I. Aren't we just the cutest?

On Thursday night, we went to Gary's Putt Putt - It's More Than Miniature. Included in our golfing crew was Dad, Mom, Maggie, Steve, Charlie, Dan, Andy, Austin, Aidan, Tricia, Jerry & I. Matt & Emily went on a paddle boat ride while the rest of us golfed.

The greens were a little tricky, but we all emerged unscathed & anxiously awaiting a call from the PGA.

Friday & Saturday I spent most of these days with Dad & Mom. I am definitely sure that we will be camping up with them next year.

I guess I don't really think about how much I miss them until I am with them & then it slaps me in the face how much fun they are & how much I truly miss them.

On Saturday, Jerry & I walked up to the Woodsmen's Show . There really wasn't a whole bunch of stuff up there. It's kind of sad to see the decline of something that used to be quite an event.

Jerry & I walked back down & then Jerry went back up with Austin to watch the Woodsmen's Show.

I remember the taffy people who had the most delicious cinnamon flavored taffy, then huge tractors with the tires we could sit in, Re-Creation from Penn-State coming to sing, thousands of people coming to see the show. It's definitely not like this anymore.

Also on Saturday night, we had a bit of a (sniff-sniff) sentimental moment. Somehow, Kevin's wood name plate got unscrewed from the Swavely sign & ended up in the fire.

Sunday, we packed up and headed back to Berks County. I will go & do some laundry tonight & will finish it up later in the week.

Another successful year & we are all waiting with baited breath until next.