Thursday, October 8, 2009

The past week - or so...

We have had a very sad week here at our home. My grandpa, Pop Myers died last Thursday at the age of 82.

On our way home, right around Cook's Forest, we got behind this motorcycle rider. Upon closer inspection, we discovered that this"tough Harley guy" has a pug dog, with a jacket on, strapped into a milk crate on the back of his bike. Nothing says "Bad Ass" to me like a dude on a bike with a pug.

We traveled home to Erie County for the calling hours & funeral service. It was so good to be home & be able to be there for my Dad.

These are the flowers that Jerry's family sent to the funeral home. They were beautiful.

The following are pictures from the luncheon we had after the funeral service.

Austin with Little E - making him laugh. He is such a good baby, he just grows too darn fast.

Austin making his goofy face.

And yet again.

My Dad, his sister Lin, brother Ron & sister Deb

Rick Stoner & Charlie

Andy & Jessie practicing with Eli

Here are the four Myers grandsons watching Cars on Saba & Shamma's bed.

Monday afternoon when we got back to my parents home, we decided to go over to the pumpkin patch to get some pumpkins to bring back to Berks County.

Below are some of the gorgeous pictures my husband took of our family's grapes & vineyard

And here we are, Tricia, Jesse, Steve, Maggie, Austin, Aidan, Charlie & I picking pumpkins (Jerry is the photographer).

And here is my sweet nephew with his very own pumpkin!

So, even though it was a very sad reason for our impromptu trip home, I was so glad to see everyone!

Okay - so I know it's been a while...

I know, I know, I haven't updated our blog in a REALLLLLY long time. Fact of the matter is, the Ebersole family has been extremely busy this summer & fall. Between vacationing in Erie for three weeks, Potter County for 10 days, major house renovations, football practice, back to school, football games, I could go on & on - but I won't!

It is my intention to update at least once a week (with pictures hopefully!) so I can keep everyone updated as to what havoc the Ebersole Clan is wreaking upon south-eastern Pennsylvania!

So I intend on posting again this afternoon - with pictures - so watch for it!

I am going to make a Caramel Pear Pie this weekend & I'm going to take a cue from another blog that I follow & post step by step pictures & instructions. I love Amanda's blog!

Sorry it has been so long - I've really missed it!