Thursday, September 30, 2010

Am I really cut out for this parenting thing?

I am constantly asking myself this question. When tough situations arise, I think "I do not know what I am doing. Who entrusted me with real live human beings?".

As Austin gets older, the problems get more complex and come with more serious consequences.
He does not get the significance of doing well in school. He is a 14 (almost 15) year old young man who lives in the moment and does not think about what actions he takes today could affect his road to the future. I hear myself saying "If I would've known then what I know now...".

I make it sound like he is doing terrible. He's not. He is only having problems with his Earth & Space Science class. I am not sure if he really doesn't understand the material, or he doesn't like the teacher. Regardless, he is going to have to adapt.
I can not express to him how much this concerns me without sounding like a nag. Our conversations usually start out civilized and then end up with either or I or both of us crying.

It is so hard for me to watch him struggle. The things I do for him, I wish my Mom had done for me. She knew the importance of letting me learn from my own mistakes, but I don't want him to make the same mistakes I did.

I have been praying about him a lot. I want him to develop a desire to want to do the best, to be the best. I want him to be comfortable in his own shoes.
What happened to my little boy? He's still here, just in a size 10.

2009-2010 - 8th Grade - Still a boy.

What a difference a year makes.

Wow. When did this happen? I guess when I wasn't looking.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Autumn Pretties

I love autumn. The changing of the seasons from summer to fall is my favorite time of year. The colors, the scents, the baking, the changing of, love, LOVE IT!
I also love to decorate for fall. Fall leaves, gourds, pumpkins, corn shocks, hay bales...I am in heaven.

I found these beautiful dishes at Wal-Mart last week & just had to have them.

This is the platter. I put a half dollar in the middle of it so you could see how big it is.

Bowl from the top.

Bowl from the side.

And at last the combination.
I can't wait to serve something yummy out of this gorgeous serving set. It looks so pretty just sitting on our table. I may have to whip up some Italian Sandwich Dip this weekend to give it a test run.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back to School, Back to Work

It's that time of year again. Back to school. I dread it every year. I think I feared it even more so this year because it meant that Austin was going to high school. Weep. Cry. Weep. Cry some more. The last stop in his Governor Mifflin career has come into view and I am desperately trying to find the emergency brake.

How can it possibly be that my first born is old enough to go to high school? I was unaware of the drastic change that was about to occur in my boy. Girls, riding to school with friends, he somehow got taller than me...
I really didn't think it would be this hard. Austin has become very independent & I am so proud of that. He has been staying home by himself for a few years like when we go out shopping or to one of Aidan's practices, gone fishing several times out on the Atlantic with our neighbors (their son is his best friend) and is generally a very nice young man - except when it comes to his brother, but who is ever nice to their siblings?

I know it is the ultimate goal to have him move out, be a contributing member of society and to take care of himself, but I didn't think it would come along this fast.

He is a young man. A bit of a goof, but a great kid, who I am so thankful to have for a son.

Not to mention that my youngest son started his last year at the elementary school where I work. He is so sweet.

Maybe I can hang on to him a bit longer.

We shall see.