Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring=Goodness - and a few other things

Yesterday when I was walking out the door, I noticed a frog sitting on the edge of our fish pond.
It brought a smile to my face and also a little bit of dread...Spring is on its way. Am I really ready for this?

I think the reason I enjoy winter is because there is only so much you can do inside. I enjoy cleaning, but once the dusting and sweeping and de-cluttering has been done, all that is really left to do is cozy up on the couch and watch movies or maybe a family game night.

But when spring rolls around, it means that the cleaning not only needs to be done inside, but outside as well.

This year we need to plant grass seed, redo the flower beds, clean out the fish pond and I'm sure there are more things I just won't let myself think of right now.

And then there's the routine yard maintenance, mowing the grass, weeding the flower beds, the fish pond chemicals - ugh.

This year I will definitely enlist the help of our slave labor, I mean, sons. They can help with all of the chores this spring.

Aidan will probably love helping clean out the fish pond, and since our fish population took a hit this winter, he will probably be rewarded with a fish from the new pond store that opened up across the street from Jerry's shop.

And we have Austin in the palm of our hands. He loves having a cell phone, but Daddy and Mommy won't pay for it if he doesn't help around the house, so he doesn't need another reward. Just keep paying for that cell phone - he's all ours.

I need to look at the grand picture. A beautifully landscaped yard that we can sit out in and enjoy. A place for the boys to play lacrosse and run around in. The relaxing sound of water running in our fish pond.
Forget about all the work it's going to take to get there. It will be all worth it in the end.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Thaw 03/28/2010

Today Austin played in the Spring Thaw Invitational Lacrosse Tournament at Owen J. Roberts High School. He is number 13 (with the yellow and black shoes).
In the above picture, he is standing on the zero of the 30 yard line.
Left side between the two players in blue.
Left side low (you can see the "3" on his jersey).
Middle of the picture running.
He played on the JV and Varsity teams.

They all did really well for it being their first games of the season. They didn't even play a scrimmage this year because of our lovely weather.

Both the JV and Varsity teams played three games today against some really tough competition.
And even though they didn't walk away victorious...
they did get a really cool t-shirt!

Monday, March 22, 2010

A Weekend to Remember!

This past weekend, my sister Maggie, her husband Steve, Charlie and Eli came to Brecknock Township.
Maggie and Steve had a wedding to go to and the Ebersole's were keeping the boys, I know, twist my arm - unsupervised spoiling? Who could pass that opportunity up?

I was so glad that the boys aren't strange with us. We don't get to see them that often and I've always been afraid that they would be scared and not let us hold them or want anything to do with us for that fact. Thank goodness that's not the case.

Charlie has been looking forward to seeing Aidan ever since Christmas. Aidan takes the time to play with him and Aidan likes that someone wants to play with him.

On Friday evening, before lacrosse practice, we went to Boehringer's with the whole Peters clan. Then on Saturday while Maggie and Steve were at the wedding, we took the boys to Oregon Pike Dairy for supper. That by far was the highlight of our weekend. We just couldn't believe how good they were.

There is a model train that runs around the ceiling in the restaurant. Every time it would come in to Charlie's view, he would exclaim "Here come the choo-choo train!", and it never got old and do you know how many times it came into his view in ninety minutes?

They both ate so good and were so well behaved, it was a delight.

After we were done eating, We walked down to the pen where they have some whitetail deer to look at and on our way encountered another little pen that had a mama and three baby goats in it. Charlie was peering in between the fence rails, fascinated by the little goats - so sweet.

He is looking at the deer in the fence.

Eli liked riding on the horse tire swing!

Austin, Charlie and Aidan at the top of the barn ready to go down the spiral silo slide.

Eli giving Austin a look like "Thanks Aust for not letting me go down this crazy thing by myself!".

Look at this playground. It's not huge, but it is AMAZING! They are just enough things to do that it keeps it interesting, but you can keep an eye on you children no matter where they are. It was not full when we were there (early evening) but I'm sure it gets full especially when they open up the outside ice cream deck.

This picture looks like we left them on this little cow by themselves, but actually Austin is crouched down behind them holding on to Eli.

They have a hollowed out log on its side for the kids to crawl through. I put Eli in it and then enlisted Austin's help to get him to look out through one of the little opening on the side. CUTE!

I was hard to take this picture because be had to look into the sun and the little boys were not thrilled with this. To be honest, neither was I!

Saturday night to Sunday morning was uneventful. They both were asleep by 8:30. Eli was up at 5:00, had a bottle, visited for a bit, watched some TV and then went back to sleep until 8:30. Charlie woke up at 5:00 when Eli did and when I went to Aidan's room to get Eli, Charlie sat up in bed, looked at me, ripped his tootie from his mouth and exclaimed "I'm done!" (as in sleeping). I said "Oh no you're not. Lay back down and go back to sleep" which he did with no argument. He got up a little before Eli.

I mean come on, isn't he the SMILIEST BABY EVER!

They both had breakfast and played and were just awesome! When it came time to get Charlie dressed, he just wanted to be in his boxer briefs.

On Sunday afternoon, it was hard to let them go home, but we had so much fun with them and are looking forward to seeing them soon.

Gosh how we love those little red-heads!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Aidan's 3rd Grade "Create A Community" Project

Aidan has a project due tomorrow. Actually the Ebersole family has a project due. And by that I also mean Ryan and Amy Payne and Scott Swavely. Those are all the people it took to get this project done. When they say "It Takes A Village" I am positive that they are referring to third grade social studies projects.
I called in reinforcement on Monday night. Amy has such a patient way with Aidan. Thank goodness!
We bought all the materials for the model at A.C. Moore. They have these wonderful kits from SceneARama that make model making a bit easier.

He also had to complete a map and a report about the island. I'm telling you - these third grade projects are killing me.

Because you know who has to type the report ("Please Mom - will you type my report for me? You do such a good job.")
Here is the completed model.

After the weekend we had and the last minute scramble to get the project finished, all I can say is "Whew". I'm glad this project is done!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Springtime List of To-Do's

I wasn't really sure about what I wanted to blog about today.

So I thought I would post some random pictures and make a list of the things I want to accomplish this spring.

The first picture is of the new St. Patrick's day flag I got at A.C. Moore. It was 50% off and cost me a whopping $5.49. Not a bad deal. Since I got the flag holder for in my front flower bed and it has been bare for the past few months, I needed a pick me up.

Speaking of front flower bed, the first item on my list is cleaning out the flower bed, dividing the perennials and getting the fish pond cleaned out. Our fish took a hit this winter with our major snowfall and we had quite a few casualties. The pond needs to be emptied and all the gunk cleaned out of the bottom. Then I can get the waterfall back in working order.

Along those same lines, I would like to get all the flower beds "decluttered". Since our home is so beautiful on the inside, I want the outside to be just as wonderful.

And while we are at it, why not a whole yard make-over? The "burn area", chicken coop and back yard need sprucing up too.

I put away all of my snowmen yesterday. It was very sad. I love snowmen and I hate to put all their bright and cheery faces away in the tubs to be stored in the attic until after Thanksgiving. On the bright side, Jerry brought down the Easter tubs. Inside was a kaleidoscope of Easter eggs, baskets and bunnies.

I put all the plastic eggs in my new basket and it is sitting in the living room. I know, when my sweet little nephews are here in a week, they won't stay in the basket very long. That's okay, I will pick them up. I know how Charlie can't refuse a ball and some of the eggs look like footballs, baseballs, basketballs and golf balls. It would be so wrong of me to tell him he can't play with them. So I won't.

This last picture is of my sweet husband. I think he was about 5 years old when this was taken (circa 1978). He is the one on the left. My mother-in-law gave me this picture a couple years ago and I am looking for a frame so I can hang it in the study.

So that's about it. I think tomorrow I will write about my openly defiant child. I think my head spins around on my shoulders when I deal with him. And he knows it. Ugh. I hate dealing with myself.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Brecknock Celebrity Bingo 03/05/2010

This past Friday night was family night at Brecknock Elementary. The P.T.O. held a Celebrity Bingo Night in the cafeteria.

Jerry was approached by the president of the P.T.O. to be a celebrity. He is a lieutenant at the Brecknock Fire Company and whenever help is needed, he is there.

As a celebrity, your duty was to call a game of bingo.

He is definitely a celebrity in my book.
Always the fireman, he is attempting to listen to his pager while he is being introduced.
Jerry calling a game of bingo.
He was upstaged by Screwball, the Reading Phillies mascot. You should have heard the crowd erupt when Screwball walked in.

Other celebrities included the voice of the U-Scan at Redner's ("Please scan your Pump Perks card now"), former gym teacher Mrs. Higgins, principal Dr. Kueny, former teachers Mrs. Orzechowski and Mr. Engle, Dairy Queen owner Mr. Hamid, substitute teacher Mrs. Vandevort and many more that I can't remember.

This was a fantastic event. There were probably about 150 people there. Everyone had a wonderful time.
This is what ACE chose as his prize when our table won a game of bingo. A jiggly, glittery shamrock headband. Just what every nine year-old boy needs.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

ACE's Energy Project

Last week, Aidan had a project due for Science. It was a poster - an energy poster.
It had very specific requirements and to be honest, it made me a little crazy.
For those of you that know me, I am a little obsessive, compulsive. Okay maybe a lot.
The poster had to be neat. That is a word that is not in Aidan's vocabulary. It meant he had to take his time and be careful. He just wants to get it done and be on to the next item on the list.
So I am not the best parent to help him with this project. I can help him with the pictures. Selecting them, printing them out, but as for the actual placement of them on the poster, I defer to Jerry.
He has a much more laid back approach and that works better with Aidan. Not my high strung "YOU HAVE TO BE CAREFUL!!!! NEATNESS COUNTS FOR 5 POINTS!!!"
So, Jerry helped his youngest son complete the project. And we, er he, got an A+.
Gosh I'm glad we're doing so well in 3rd grade science.

And here's a picture thrown in just for fun. We picked up the boys lacrosse uniforms last night. Austin wasn't thrilled with the idea of putting it on for picture, but ACE is always game.
He was so thrilled to get #61. That was Christopher's number and he idolizes him so.

Monday, March 1, 2010

It's Been A Long Weekend!

That sounds terrible, but it wasn't. The Ebersole family had a long and tiring weekend but it was great!

This past Saturday was the Mustang Open Wrestling Tournament at Governor Mifflin High School.

Over 300 wrestlers from southeastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and who knows where else came to Shillington to compete in the open tournament for students in Junior High and younger.

It was a great day. I am merely a worker at the tournament and I had several people come up to me to tell me how wonderful the tournament was. "Great food!" I heard and "Fantastic tournament. Definitely worth the two hour drive!" I was told. I passed these comments on to the director. What great people we have coming to our tournament!

The ending to our day was not until 8:00 pm (from 7:30 in the morning) but we have such wonderful people in the wrestling club, they made the day go fast.

Another great thing was ACE took third place. He was happy with that I think.

Here he is with his new piece of hardware. I love the bronze medal. It's such a pretty color.

This is the bruise above his right eye. He got this sometime during his first match. He has no idea how he got it and neither do I. I did not watch him wrestle on Saturday. After the last tournament at Cocalico and hearing him yell out in pain, I can't do it. It is a mother's instinct to protect her child and there wasn't a thing I could do to protect him. That is tough.

I know I am going to have to get over that as he is going to continue his school sporting career for the next nine years (oh my gosh that seems like a long time right now).

It would be different if he played sports that weren't so physical, but alas, this is Aidan and if he can't hurt somebody, he isn't going to play it.

So, ACE is done with his 2009-2010 wrestling season. It was a tough year for him, but one full of accomplishments. We are so proud.

Now, where is all that lacrosse equipment?