Thursday, October 13, 2011

IT'S OK Thursday

My second edition of IT'S OK Thursdays!  How bout it?  It's like my own little therapy session - without the co-pay!

IT'S OK...

To be sad that a dear friend is leaving our little workplace

To be excited about starting my own adventure - all by myself

To be pissed off that my husband seems to find time to be out at fire calls, but can't seem to get chores done around the house

To LOVE rainy days - I embrace them.  I just want to throw on a pair of yoga pants & watch DVR'd stuff with a blanket wrapped around me - of course!!

To love the adrenaline rush of calling 911

To try not to be annoyed with certain people who go on, and on, and on - about something they told me AT LEAST 5 times

To want to listen to Pastor Keith McGarvey's sermons over and over in the car.  I will not be a Bible moron forever!

To be annoyed that the new Apple update is taking so freaking long to install on my iPad

To be super pumped that the Mohnton Great Halloween Parade is this weekend.  I am making the cutest cookies to share at the party we are going to - in a funeral home!!

To wonder what our lives would be like if we had moved to Erie County

Okay - I think that's it.  Going to link up with A Complete Waste of Makeup and then continue to watch the minutes slowly creep down on my iPad update (insert Pirate ARGHHHHHH!!!)

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