Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Son #2 & Random

I frequently refer to our youngest son as "Son #2".  His real nickname is ACE (which are his initials).

My sweet boy is growing up so fast, and while there are some of personality traits that I would like to see change as he gets older, there are LOTS that I hope he never loses.
Case in Point #1:  He is not afraid of what his peers think.  Last Friday was Crazy Sock Day at his school.  After a bit of a dramatic incident, I thought of these socks I had (thanks Maggie!) and suggested that he wear these.  He didn't even hesitate.  He sat down on his bedroom floor & threw them on and posed for a couple pictures without much of a fuss.

Case In Point #2: He will stay young at heart. Even though he is 11 (and a lot stronger than me!), he still likes doing things that little kids do. He loved sitting at the Mohnton Halloween Parade and getting lots of CANDY! Secretly I think he loved getting all the candy from kids that know him. I was amazed at all the young girls that would chirp "Hi Aidan!" and throw him candy.  His Mama did not think it was fantastic!  Oh well, I am pretty sure this will not get any better!
He is wearing Shawn's Halloween basket on his head. He makes me smile.

And then just random - the Halloween cookies that I fantasized about making for the party at my friend Wendy's house after the parade. I saw them in a magazine that I get and thought they would be the perfect treat to take. Little did I know that they were going to take so long to frost. My OCD does not handle the tedious process of frosting these cookies.

So there it is a little bit of Tuesday randomness.  After all, I think that word describes us to a "T"!

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