Friday, November 26, 2010

Shutterfly's 50 Free Cards Promotion

So I have never used Shutterfly before, but I have received Christmas photo cards from others that have used Shutterfly and was considering using them this year.
Then I saw a post from one of the blogs that I check regularly and they had shared this advertisement with this great opportunity from Shutterfly.

Fifty, yes fifty free cards promotion!  And all I have to do is blog about it.

So this year will be the year I try Shutterfly.  I am excited!  It seems to me that the have an extensive selection of cards and layouts to choose from - and who doesn't love choices?!

So I am going to head on over and start designing my cards and await the e-mail with my coupon codes.  Heck I may even post a little something on Facebook about it.

So if you love freebies (and who doesn't - especially around this time of year?), head on over to Shutterfly and check their amazing products:

Christmas Photo Cards
Perfect for friends and family near or far!

Holiday Cards

Christmas Cards

Design a Holiday Greeting that will make the recipient smile & hang on to for years.  It's easy!

Thanks for looking and have a great day!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Need to Slay the Paperwork Monster... he quits puking papers up all over my desk and surrounding area.

 The only reason I am posting these pictures is so I can show pictures after I get this all taken care of today.  It is literally making me a little crazy.
 I'm not to Psycho Kitty crazy yet, but I can feel her coming on.

The thing is, I thought I had this all under control this weekend.  Boy was I wrong. 

And now I will dive into this mess of disorganization and get it under control.

Or Psycho Kitty WILL make an appearance.  We don't want that to happen!