Thursday, September 29, 2011

Three Things - 09/29/2011

Three Things I'm Loving this Week:  (Okay maybe four)

1.  Cooler weather and enjoyable cups of coffee.  I love my morning coffee every day, but it just seem cozier when the weather dips in the fall.  I can also justify another 1/2 cup to myself - (it's chilly!).

2.  Pastor Keith McGarvey's sermons available to download on  Now I have something worthwhile to listen to in the car.  I hope his previous sermon's will be available in the future!

3.  NHRA Drag Racing at Maple Grove Raceway.  Before I moved here, I had no idea what the phenomenon was.  Nineteen years later I am hooked.  It is amazing to watch cars hurdle down the track at speeds of over 300 mph.  Night qualifying is by far my favorite.  Sniff a little nitro?  Yes please (even though it makes you cry like a baby).

It is this weekend by the way.

4.  Wednesday morning Bible Study.  It feels like home.  A wonderful group of women who have "been there, done that" or maybe just have a different perspective on what's going on in the world.  One of the few places where my heart is at peace.

Three Things I'm Not Loving this Week:
1.  Before school wardrobe fights with Aidan.  "I wish I could wear what I wanted!" is a phrase I hear frequently these days.  Yes sweetheart I understand, but you will look ridiculous if you wear that ensemble to school.

2.  Getting paid every other week.  Yes I am thankful that Jerry and I both get regular paychecks.  But the fact that we both get paid the same week makes the off week a little tricky.  I hope that I will get used to this sometime soon.

3.  It's that time of year...  when rodents start making their pilgrimage indoors.  When you live in a farmhouse that is over 200 years old and have a significant phobia of them - it's terrifying.

Friday, September 23, 2011

I'm baaacccckkkk!

How about a whole bunch of randomness?  Sounds good.  I could go on & on about what I/we have been up to since I last blogged, but that be be the longest blog post evah. 

So my brain is telling me just post some things to clear them out of my conscious thoughts to make room for  more important things!

1.  Gratitude Journal - I have been keeping a gratitude journal (thanks Oprah) since Thursday, May 26, 2011.  I write at least five things everyday that I am grateful for.  I also try to find a quote that means something to me or I would like to apply to my life.  The blurb Oprah comments on about the journal says that it will change your life in just a few days.  It has made me think about appreciating the little things, but life changing?  I don't know about that.

2.  Rain - It is raining in Bullfrog Hollow yet again.  Like torrential downpour.  If the water runs in our back door again, I maybe checking in to a mental hospital.

3.  Ulcer -Yep - I have another one.  Thank goodness the wiser (yeah right) me got to the hospital when it first started hurting rather than waiting until it was a major problem.  I am now on Protonix two times a day to try and heal it.  I will go for another EGD in October to see if the medicine is working.  The doctors are also puzzled as to why I keep getting them.  Join the crowd!!

4.  Lin Good buyout - My husband's company was sold in July.  So far things have been going well.  As my wise mother told me "This will be a great opportunity for Jerry".  We shall see.  We are still on the honeymoon.

5.  Bible Study - Wednesday Bible Study has started up again.  I have been going for three years.  I wasn't sure if I was going back or not, but after attending this past Wednesday, I knew my heart needs this time with God.  The ladies that are there make me feel at peace.

6.  Class Ring for Austin - What a tug on my heart!  My sweet (almost 16 year old son) came home with the paperwork & we subsequently ordered his class ring.  How time has flown.

7.  40 Looming - In just a few short months I will be 40.  I think about it almost everyday.  I didn't think I would feel so weird about it.  I said to Jerry while we were on vacation "I'm going to be 40!  I haven't accomplished anything meaningful!".  That's my goal before I turn 40 in February.  Accomplish something meaningful.

8.  Coupons - I love the idea of couponing.  You must be super dedicated.  I don't think I can make that strong of a commitment.

9.  Ebersole Boys - Our sons are hilarious - most of the time.  At other times, they are downright annoying.  I guess it's a good thing that there is balance.

That's it for now.  I need to find something I am passionate about - that's not cleaning.