Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What! - It's been two months!

So I've been busy! The boys & I were in Erie for two weeks to celebrate my Mom's 60th birthday & my sister's wedding.

While we were gone, new carpeting was installed in the bedrooms. That means before we left for Harbor Creek everything had to be emptied out of the bedrooms. The boys helped (and by that I mean, not so much) and Jerry worked his butt off to get it done. It is beautiful, but I am sure that there are still a ton of boxes in the attic that need unpacked. Oh well, out of sight, out of mind (also, not so much).

We were in Brecknock for 13 days and then traveled to the wilds of Pennsylvania for our annual 10 day camping trip to Potter County.

ACE started football mini-camp last night (it's so freakin' hot here!) & I've been sitting in the air conditioning because apparently, I am a wimp. I do not like to sweat.

Here are highlight pictures from the past month & a half. We had so much fun & I am sure the pictures do not do it justice.

Charles James & Aunt Fracy

The Myers'. Gosh are we cute - or what! My sisters & Momma are beautiful!

Walking down the aisle. The strap broke on my shoe. I tried my best to conceal my mortification.

Lynne & I. We are adorable.

Eli Earl bustin' a move. See his arms?

My baby sis. Gorgeous.

The love of my life. It doesn't get any better than him.

Daddy & Mom. Still crazy in love. What a wonderful example to the three of us.

The plate I made at Claytopia. I thought painting pottery would be relaxing & therapeutic. All it did was stress me out! It's not perfect & I hate that!

Mmmmm...Mike Sullivan...HAWT!!

Uncle Matt & I digging through the cache stash at Hogback Hollow. I must say, spending the afternoon hiking through the woods with Uncle, Rick, Uncle Matt & Jerry was probably my best day there. Relaxing, energizing, amazing.

So there it is in a brief little nutshell. I doubt life will calm down any time soon, but I do enjoy the blogging & will try to do so more frequently.