Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What A Weekend!

This past weekend was filled with action, adventure & as usual - B-U-S-Y!

On Friday morning, Charlie & his parents arrived at 2:08 a.m. Steve & Maggie thought it would be better to travel while Charlie was asleep. I heard them come in & ran downstairs to see my sweet boy (Steve & Maggie too - of course!)

I went back to bed & got up around 7:00 to roust the boys for school. They went without too much grumping & then I got ready for work. Steve & Maggie came to the high school at 1:00 when I got done with work so I could show all the wonderful ladies I work with how freakin' cute my nephew is.

All the women created such a fuss over Charlie & he ate it up! He loves the adoration from the ladies. We then went to lunch at Friendly's.

We came home for a little rest before Maggie, Charlie & I headed up to Brecknock to pick up the boys from school. Everyone at Brecknock thought Charlie was just adorable (and he is!).

Dad & Mom got here around 4:30 and at 5:00 we headed for the high school to await the bus departure for Oley Valley High School which is where Aidan wrestled on Friday evening.

I think everyone enjoyed Aidan's wrestling performance & he did very well.

Saturday morning it was up at 6:45 to prepre to leave to house at 7:30 for the Oley Valley Wrestling Tournament that Aidan was signed up to wrestle in. This was by far one of the longest days of my life! Thank goodness Dad & Mom were there!

Jerry was the team mom for the tournament. He kept everyone situated with the match numbers & let the coaches know who was wrestling when & where. I love my husband!

Aidan took fourth place at the tournament & he got a trophy that he is very proud of.

I was so proud of him for wrestling his hardest & doing his best. This was his first tournament & he will wrestle in his second one next weekend at Cocalico.

Steve, Maggie & Charlie left a little before lunch time to travel to visit Steve's aunt & uncle in Maryland. I was so happy that they got to see Aidan wrestle. It is a long drive for them - especially with an eight month old.

After wrestling was done, Jerry, Dad & Austin went to the wild gane dinner at Grill Fire Company while Aidan. Mom & I went to Sonic for dinner & then back to the hotel for swimming.

Jerry, Dad & Austin got back around 8:30 & guess who was with them...UNCLE BRIAN!! He came down to the hotel to see Aidan's trophy. Aidan was so happy to show it him. I thought that was so sweet of him to come down.

Then Sunday was here before I knew what happened. Austin had spent the night at the hotel wiith Saba & Shamma - Aidan came home with Jerry & I. I think he was just exhausted from his long day of wrestling & then add swimming on top of that!

Austin, Mom & Dad came by the house & get us to go to breakfast at the fire company. We had a very enjoyable breakfast, came back to the house, showed Shamma the game- Jam Pack Jam, said our good-byes & then crashed for the afternoon.

Then my friend Jacquie called to ask me if I wanted to go to Raylon to be a hair model for her friend Ryan's show.

I went, he dyed my hair & then cut it - very trendy & I just love it. Sorry the pictures don't do the color justice. It is just beautiful!