Friday, June 13, 2008

Strawberry Picking

Our neighbors asked us if we wanted to pick strawberries today. I haven't picked strawberries since I was 14 years old & a candy striper at the nursing home where my great-grandmother resided. I think there is a reason for this.

Strawberry picking is one of those things that you swear you are never going to do again & then the years pass & you forget how tedious it is. Add to it the fact that it is over 90 degrees here & my two cherubs & you are asking for a melt-down.

We walked to the little shed to "check-in". I opted for a 4-quart box (it didn't look that big when she set it up on the counter!) and all of us (8 in all plus a picking guide) started off to the rows of doom.

The girl that was our guide was a smooth operator. She asked us if we wanted to go to the rows with the big berries that are not very sweet or if we wanted the smaller, MUCH sweeter berries and then proceeded to pull two SMALL berries off the plant and hand them to us to sample.

Now I must say that the berries were delicious, but they omit telling you is that it will take three times as long to pick the smaller berries.
We had a wonderful time MAKIN' MEMORIES and I will probably do it again. I will have to forget about what I wrote.
Here is Aidan (who sampled his fair share).

Here is Austin hard at work (and Aidan mugging for the camera).

My two sweet berry pickers - Oh! Make that one sweet berry picker & Aidan.

And at last - 5.61 pounds of red goodness - Strawberry Pie - Shortcake - YUM!