Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Few Remnants from an Unforgettable Weekend...

This past weekend was AWESOME!!

We went to Harbor Creek for the weekend.

Our travels began and then stopped and then started again.  We encountered a traffic back up on Route 222 about 20 minutes in to our trip.  There was a disabled tractor-trailer in one of the north bound lanes of 222.

I was not amused.  We had places to be!

We stopped at Sheetz for a bite to eat and then Cabela's (since we we right there).  We followed the GPS to our destination for the evening - the Holiday Inn Express in Clearfield, PA.  We arrived shortly after 10:15 pm.  The hotel was right off of Interstate 80 and was really nice.

We checked in, Jerry and the boys brought the luggage up to the room and we settled in for the night.

7:00 the next morning came very quickly and one by we we arose, showered, and prepared for the next leg of our adventure.

The had a "Deluxe" Continental Breakfast available in the morning.  I went down after my shower and got a cup of coffee (which was terrible) and a warm cinnamon roll (which was delicious).  Jerry and the boys went down after I came back and got bacon, sausage, eggs, cinnamon rolls, bagels and who knows what else.  I do remember Austin saying he had like 20 pieces of bacon.

We checked out of the hotel around 8:45.  Jerry told me about a gun shop that is located in Clearfield that is amazing.  We got to Grice's Gun Shop a little before 9:00 and waited for them to open.

A little back story.  I have been looking at a Ruger LCR pistol for a while now.  I just wasn't ready to purchase one.

Well, apparently Friday was the day to purchase.  I went in, looked at the gun and started filling out the paperwork to purchase a firearm.

That part made me really nervous. Is there some deep, dark secret that I am hiding that would not allow me to buy this gun?  Nope.  Background checked clear.

"Oh by the way," the salesman told me, "we got an shipment of 30 Ruger LCR's with the Crimson Trace on them last night, they aren't even in our system.  Are you interested in one of those?".

I have no idea. 

Side conference with Jerry. 

Me: "Should I get the Crimson Trace?" 
Jerry:  "I would." 
Me:  "Okay I'll take the one with the Crimson Trace."

What?  Do I really look like I know what the hell I am talking about?  I guess so because they rang up the sale and entrusted me to walk out of that store with a firearm.  Holy shit.

They totally let me walk out of that store with a pistol, a holster AND ammunition.

Lord help you all.

Additionally, while we were at the gun shop, there was ONE other woman (older - like 65) looking at the LCR's.  She also apparently thought I was a gun aficionado, because she asked ME questions like "What kind of gun are you looking at?  Where are you going to carry the gun?  In your purse?".  Once again - holy shit!  I am not a gun expert.  Maybe I should be flattered that she thought I was.

Anyways...we left Grice's - and I felt kind of scared, kind of empowered.  I OWNED A GUN!

We drove north, following the GPS - and it was great - not driving our "regular" routes, seeing new scenery, family bonding time...oh wait I think the boys slept.

We arrived on Firman Road a little after 1:00 pm.  My Dad, Maggie and Eli were there to greet us.

Maggie asked Aidan if he would like to go with her to pick Charlie up from school at 3:00.  He said he would.  Maggie said she had some shopping to do, so we stayed with Dad and Eli.

We visited - it was good - really good.
There are more stories and pictures to share, but I need to end this post before it drags on and on and get the picture.

This last photo is the mountain of clean laundry I was left to put away after our excursion.  It looks worse than it was.  It is on top of my cedar chest.

It was good - really good.