Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Austin's Artwork for 7th Grade

Austin brought home some of his projects yesterday. He drew all of these things himself. He even made the owl stencil he used on three of the projects.
Here you had to take a design, then do colored pencil blending, then you had to stipple and cross-hatch.
This is called Op-Art.
Roller painting. (Not to be confused with Roller Derby)
This is Kandinsky.
I was so impressed because I can't even draw a stick figure.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Austin's latest Tech-Ed Project

Here it is...the latest project from Austin Ebersole...A personalized coat rack.

It is beautiful. He worked so hard on it. He then stenciled his favorite things on the shelf.

Canadian Goose

Paw prints & Nike Swoosh
We anxiously await the next project from him.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

ACE Wrestling 01/09/09 vs. Muhlenberg

Aidan had his first wrestling meet this past Friday. He did so well. I haven't felt well enough to go to his practices so this was the first time I've seen him in action.

In the pictures, Aidan is the one with letters on his back .
Aidan scoring two points
I can not believe the difference from last year. He seems much more confident when executing his moves & doesn't have to think about what he should do next. Much more fluid than last year.

Almost got him!

In his first match, he pinned his opponent in about 30 seconds. Aidan was very intense right before the match. He was trying to intimidate the kid by staring right at him & apparently it worked.
Right before the pin.

He then got a second match (a scrimmage) and lost 6-3. The boy he wrestled weighed 8 pounds more than Aidan, so Aidan held his own. I told him that he did very well & did not get pinned and that is very good. The kid was really working on Aidan's shoulder during the match & Aidan needed to ice it after the match was over, but it was okay the next day.

I thought this was a good picture. You can actually see his face!

He wrestles this Friday night at Twin Valley & then may have a tournament on Saturday.

He is a one-boy wrecking machine!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


This post is just for Saba & Shamma. The boys & I played Sequence States & Capitals tonight.
We had a lot of fun. Hopefully the boys' pronunciation of the capitals will get better as we play more.


Miscellaneous Ramblings

I just want to say that I am tired of doctors. They are just driving me crazy. I had to see one on Monday & she was asking me about my diet because I have lost 11 pounds since I was there to see her at the end of October.

I asked her if she knew that I was in the hospital - yet again - the middle of November. Yes, she knew that, but continued to grill me about my diet & how I shouldn't eat "empty calories" (i.e. chips, cookies).

I am supposed to try to gain weight. I don't think that a few empty calories is going to be detrimental.

I do not like looking like I am a sick "bag of bones". I am tired of my hair falling out.

The kicker is, I DO eat. I eat like a hog. Hopefully I will start gaining soon. I never thought I would have this problem.

Anyway, here are a couple pictures that were taken over the last few days.

This one of Charlie was taken at Jerry's dad's house when we were having supper after the funeral.

This one is of Aidan in his new jammies that Jason got him for Christmas.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas 2008

The family Ebersole had a wonderful Christmas. We were in Erie (of course) and it was just fantastic to be there with everyone. I miss my family so much & I think I don't realize it until I am back with them. It makes my heart hurt.

Anyway, we had a fun Christmas Eve at my Uncle Chuck's house. Everyone was there. All my mother's brother, their spouses, children & grandchildren. My great-Uncle Tom & his wife Joanne were there too. We made a list of everyone that was there - 42 of us in all. The kids love playing with each other & it is always good to see everyone together. Santa also came to join in the fun bearing gifts for all the kids.
Christmas Day was spent opening presents for four hours, enjoying Mom's breakfast casserole & admiring everyone's gifts. My mom says she cut down this year, but everyone had a tough time believing that.

Here are a couple pictures of the boys & Charlie on Christmas morning.
Jerry came back home on Saturday afternoon leaving the boys & I to fend for ourselves, which we did quite well. We went down to Pop Myers' on Sunday and enjoyed time with Pop, Aunt Lin, Uncle Carp, Aunt Deb, Uncle Neal, Uncle Ron & Allison. It was a wonderful time.

Here is a picture of Pop with his three great-grandsons.
It snowed a couple time while we were there & I love a white Christmas. I don't think there's anything else like it. There's nothing like Christmas in Harbor Creek. Nothing.