Friday, October 21, 2011

Three Things - 10/20/2011

Three Things I'm Loving This Week:

1.  Bath & Body Works Sales.  I went to Bath & Body this past Sunday with the intention of only buying two of their large candles.  I came out with a couple small anti-bacterial hand gels and this cute Halloween  soap dispenser - and the candles.  I love their deals~!  I am hoping that I can use this through Thanksgiving (I will turn it around to just the plain pumpkin side) and that I can save it for next year & just refill it!

2.  Ebersole Impromptu Get-Togethers.  Jerry's brother Terry was in town with his wife Carol & their son Zachary earlier this week.  On Wednesday night, all of the Ebersole siblings were together along with most of their extended families.  It's a good time with lots of laughs.
3.  Fall is here!  The tree are slowly changing & the temperatures are getting cooler.  The township lost a lot of leaves the past couple of days with the high winds we had, but the colors are so beautiful with what leaves are remaining.  I am finally figuring out how to adjust the setting on our camera to get the perfect late afternoon shot of the mountain across the street.

Three Things I Am Not Loving:
1.  Change of Season Colds.  I am been snuffly, coughy, achy - just yucky for a couple weeks now.  I dislike taking DayQuil because it makes me feel loopy (at least more loopy than usual!).  Now I am stuffed up and have an annoyance cough.  Not fun.

2.  Change.  Even though I am a big cheerleader for change - I don't like it.  I have started watching Oprah's Lifeclass on OWN and I am realizing that I have a lot of inner and outer changes that need to happen.  Ego vs. True Self?  Yeah, it's going to take a lot of changing.

3.  Disorganization.  For the most part, I am pretty organized.  However, I have a couple (as the Flylady would say) "Hotspots" that seem to be a magnet for clutter and paperwork.  It is a problem which needs to be remedied this weekend.  Even though it is not "comfortable" to get rid of clutter, it is most definitely necessary!

Well that's it from Bullfrog Hollow for the week.  Have an amazing weekend!

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