Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's OK Thursday {4}

Another week - flown by - we're still here doing our thing.  And our thing has been going good this week.

It's OK... be sad that Halloween is almost here and I will put my adorable decoration away for another year realize than within that year, my eldest son will turn 16 and I will turn 40 - ughhhhh. be more than slightly addicted to Pinterest enjoy Bible Study when there are only a few women there be super excited that the new kitchen employee (dishwasher) starts today and I won't need to do that job anymore

...this is Son #1's first week of indoor lacrosse & Son #2's last

-to be a little nervous about Son #1 playing indoor lacrosse again after last season's devastating injury be giddy when I have a menu planned for the whole week and shop accordingly

...we may get some flurries this weekend's our last home football game this Friday - and it's homecoming! secretly love going to the homecoming festivities to socialize with my mom friends

So that's it.  Hope you enjoyed the read!

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Caitlin O. said...

It is /totally/ ok to be addict to Pinterest.

Happy Thursday!