Friday, January 8, 2010

ACE's Mohawk

So Aidan got his hair cut the Wednesday before Christmas.

We went to Great Clips in Morgantown & he was deciding the whole way there what "style" he should get. "I guess I'll get a mohawk" he said with a half begrudgingly attitude.

It's like I force him to get one.

I could care less how they each get their hair cut. "IT'S JUST HAIR" I exclaim to people who think that some radical form of hair expression is going to ruin their child's chances of getting into an Ivy League school.

Austin & Aidan have both had mohawks at some point in their lives. Austin started with his in second grade, thanks to NHRA driver Scotty Cannon. Austin loved him those six long years ago.

Austin has matured with his haircut, now opting for the "shaggy" look which most mothers groan about, but I'm still sticking to my "it's just hair" mantra & as long as he keeps it washed, I don't care.

Aidan however still loves him some mohawk & quite honestly, it fits his personality. He's a rebel, could care less what anyone else thinks & it keeps people guessing about him.

We'll see if this is any indication of the future. Until then, I will love me some mohawk - on Aidan.

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