Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why is it ALWAYS my fault?

This morning Austin is not going to school. He is sick for the second day in a row.
Maybe it's the cynical side of me that doesn't believe him. I had to be a pretty good actress to get my mother to let me stay home from school. He says his stomach hurts & he feels like he is going to throw up. All Jerry has to hear is "throw-up". He turns on a heel and promptly exits Austin's room.
Then Jerry comes back into our bedroom, wakes me to tell me that Austin isn't going to school again today.
Okay fine. Fast forward to 7:00 am when it is time to get Aidan up for school. He has been battling a sinus cold and is not sympathetic to his brother at all.
I ask him how is feeling this morning. He says "Well I still have a cold!". I ask him does he feel bad? He says "No, not really.". I then ask him what he wants to wear this morning. He proceeds to go on a minute long rant about his brother staying home from school again and maybe if he went to school his stomach wouldn't hurt.
I tell him that I am not going to stay in his room and have him lecture me about why his brother should go to school. He can get himself ready and then come downstairs and get his own breakfast to which he replies "Fine! I'm not coming down and I am not going to school!".
I can hear him upstairs getting ready and he has plenty of time to eat before the bus comes but I am waiting for the meltdown from last week about not having enough time to eat his cereal.
Oh wait, here he is. Dressed & getting his breakfast. "Sorry Mom for yelling at you" he says.
I am still going to work regardless of the fact if he is going or not. They are making Cheese Dreams especially for me today to have with tomato soup. Oh-My-God I love them.

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