Friday, December 11, 2009

Aidan's Thursday

Aidan had a rough day Thursday. I got a phone call from the school nurse in the afternoon. She called to tell me that Aidan was there in her office, he was feeling dizzy every time he looked down. She said he had fallen off of a scooter in gym class and hit the back of his head on the gym floor. I got to speak with him & he said he would tough it out until the end of the school day & when I asked him if he wanted me to come pick him up so he wouldn't have to endure the 40 minute bus ride home he said "No Mom, that's okay, I can ride the bus".

Jerry & I talked to him when he got home & he was okay. We went & got a bite to eat & then headed over to the auxiliary gym for wrestling practice

While practicing, he accidentally got hit in the face - with another kids head. Aidan told me all night & then this morning "He didn't mean to do it Mom. It was just an accident".

Left side looking at the picture

A little swelling & bruising

A better shot of the battle bruise
When he looked in the mirror last night & saw it - he said "AWESOME!".

I think he's afraid that his Shamma & Aunties are gonna come over here & open up a can of whoop ass.

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