Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Aidan & his bed-making skills

With the new year came a new chore chart for both of the boys.

Jerry & I decided that they both want cash each week & they are going to have to do their fair share around the house in order to get it.

We compiled a chart of daily, weekly and monthly chores that both of them must complete in order to get their scratch.

We pay them one dollar for each year that they have graced us with their presence here on earth. You may think that's a lot, but if I don't have to sweep the kitchen every day, clean the toilet a couple times a week & pick up after the dogs in the yard - then it's well worth it. I don't want the boys to be under the false assumption that money is just given to you. They are going to have to earn it.

They have both been doing chores for an allowance for some time now but they are getting older & that brings with it cell phones, iTunes & other money sucking inventions that they just can't live without.

Some of Austin's dividends come back to us to pay for his cell phone. Unlimited texting comes at a price.

Aidan uses his cash in whatever way he chooses. It usually ends up with some crappy little cheap toy that satisfies his instant gratification need & then is promptly broken, lost and/or does not fulfill his long term satisfaction & he is griping about it less than 24 hours later.

One of the chores we added to Aidan's list was making his bed.

Imagine my surprise when I went upstairs to find a replica of my mother's bed making skills. I asked him this morning "Why do you make your bed with the top folded down like that? Did you help Shamma make the bed at her house?". "No." he replied. "I just like doing it that way."
That's my Aidan. It's always got to be his way...Maybe with a little subliminal help from his Shamma.

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