Friday, January 15, 2010

Morning Struggles

I know I have two children who are wired completely different. One like Jerry, one like me.

When it comes to getting up in the morning, I hate rousting the youngest one from his peaceful slumber to get ready to go to school.

Jerry wakes Austin at six a.m. - he does not complain just promptly gets up, showers and goes about his grooming rituals.

He then goes downstairs, turns on Sports Center & might have something for breakfast. Then watches the clock for 6:45 and goes upstairs. brushes his teeth, makes his bed, comes back down, gets his book bag & watches for the bus.

Our verbal interaction this morning was "Morning Mom. It's Friday.". Then before he goes out the door, I get a "Love you Mom" and off goes my eighth grader.

I have been trying to be super sweet & kind when I get Aidan up for school. I always try a "Aidan, it's 7:05, time to get up", Followed by a "What do you want to wear to school today?". All of this is said in a sickening sweet voice because in my mind I think "Who could have a bad day with a send off like this to school?". I ask him what he would like for breakfast & this morning he answered by pulling his blanket up over his head & rolling away from me.

So I came back downstairs, made my morning cup of coffee & contemplated my day.

A few minutes later I went back upstairs I said "Aidan it's 7:26" to which he screamed at me a whole line "Ohmygodit's7:30 youdidn'twakemeup howamIgoingtoeatbreakfast Idon'thaveenoughtime."

He got dressed, came downstairs and continued his tirade. "You're a jerk. You know it takes me a long time to eat & if I don't eat I will be starving!".

I explained to him that I tried to get him up earlier, but he wouldn't get up. This was not my fault.

He said he wasn't eating. He screamed some more. He showed me. He got his cereal down. Yelled "Where's the milk?" (use the one in the door, don't open the new one) and then proceeded to eat his cereal.

He ate (in record time according to him I'm sure) and then went upstairs made his bed & brushed his teeth.

Came back down & got all his school stuff out & said "Sorry Mom for yelling at you".

I am so glad I didn't fire back when he was ranting & raving. I usually do that and end up beating myself up for the rest of the day telling myself that I have ruined his day at school, I am a terrible parent.

I just sent him out the door with an "I love you. Have a great day. I will see you at lunch." Just like any other "normal" day.

Why do we have to go through all this drama? Why can't we go from point A (Aidan it's time to get up) to point B (Have a great day, I love you) without all this crap in between.

I keep this picture up in the study to remind me of the sweet boy he is. Even when he is being a stubborn, willful minded little crapper.

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