Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Living Away from "Home"

I wasn't really sure what to title this post.

I moved away from Harbor Creek, PA in February of 1992. Jerry and I had gotten engaged at Christmas and I thought the logical thing to do was move to where he was. He had a full time job & I was anxious to move away. Or so I thought.

I was madly in love with the first guy who loved me for me. I didn't really think about what would happen if I lived away from my family.

Well let me just say that I was so homesick for Firman Road that all I had to do was think about my parents and grandparents and I was a mess.

Whenever I would call home to cry, my mother would give me the tough love speech. "You chose to move there" she would say. So in essence she was telling me to suck it up.

I was not happy that she didn't coddle me and tell me that she and Daddy would make everything better and I could come back home. Nope she told me what I needed to hear. God I hate it when she's right!

I was a big girl and I would have to learn to make a home with Jerry and someday our children here in Berks County.

I envisioned a life like I had. But that didn't happen here in Brecknock.

What did happen here was I learned to be independent. I like my little, simple life.

I don't know if my parents ever minded that their neighbors were their relatives. I mean I loved the fact that I could go next door & always have someone to play with or walk in through the vineyards & orchard and see my grandparents any time I wanted. But, can you ever really get away?

I do not like that my children will not have a relationship with their grandparents like I did with mine. Don't get me wrong, they love Saba & Shamma with all their hearts but they can't just go next door & see them. It takes a little planning.

But maybe it will encourage them to be a little more independent than I was. I hated being away from home because it forced me take responsibility for myself & my family. And you know what? I was OKAY! There are times when it is tough. When there programs at school and sporting events that because of the distance, Saba and Shamma can't be here. They always make sure that the boys know that they wish they could be, but life happens for everyone and you just learn to cherish every moment you have with them and not take them for granted.

I thank my parents for their tough love. I know as a parent myself I hate when I can't help the boys, when they have to learn something "the hard way". But that's what my parents did for me.

They made me learn something the hard away. And I thank them for that.

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