Sunday, May 27, 2007


It has happened. Like the Olympic runners that ceremoniously pass the torch from one to another. So gracefully & full of pride, so too has the torch been passed here in good old Mohnton Pennsylvania.

But you see, our torch passing is very, very special & one of a kind.

Our torch was passed from someone that is no longer with us. Our torch skipped a generation (or two) and was handed to my eldest son Austin. The torch was passed from grandmother who I'm sure is just as pleased as punch.

And what, may you ask, is this torch? It is MOONING!!! You know the tried & true tradition of pulling down your pants & showing what God gave you to someone. In this case it was a random car driving by.

Here's the story:

Austin, Aidan & I were up the road visiting with our dear friends, the Pianka's. It was around 9:00 when were heard a very loud popping sound that rumbled through the valley. We all realized that it was the fireworks display coming from Maple Grove that had produced the sound.

John & I watched from Pianka's deck that overlooks the driveway as Brooke, Cody, Austin & Aidan ran down to the road where they could see most of the fireworks. Of course they can't just stand & watch, they need to be acting like...KIDS (God forbid!).

It started out with the universal symbol for trucker honk your horn. You know arm extended, elbow bent, hand up, fist clenched, all frantically moving up & down. This request was granted by several passing cars. They tired of this quickly because not many passersby complied.

Next thing you know we here someone (I think it was Brooke) shout from below, "AUSTIN JUST MOONED A CAR!". Aidan had a flashlight & I'm sure he was shining it on his brother's bright white behind, so whoever he blessed with this sight was probably saying to themselves "Look at that kid with the bright white shorts on!"

I yelled at him, while trying to stifle my laughter, to not do that because you never know who could be passing by. A policeman, a neighbor - who knows.

The boys then progressed into flashing cars - Girls Gone Wild style & then we all (John included) piled into the mini-van to buzz the 1/4 mile down the road to see the finale.

Mooning people. What's next? Showering in the rain in his underwear?

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