Monday, May 21, 2007

Governor Mifflin Prom 2007

Where has the time gone is my first question. I mean, I'm not getting anyone older - it's everyone else around me...RIGHT!?!?!

I guess what has prompted me to ask this is the fact that the little girl that was the flower girl in my wedding went to the prom on Saturday night.
Not to mention the fact that on June 8th she will graduate from high school. It's not possible!

Our little Julie is 18, going to graduate, has worked at WaWa for the past two years and will attend Reading Area Community College in the fall.

My sweet girl...who usually has a smile and a hug for a young woman...and I DON'T LIKE IT - not one bit.

Here is Aidan waiting for the limo to arrive:

And here is a picture of Julie & her friend Jen arriving at the Inn at Reading where prom was held.

Doesn't she look beautiful? F.Y.I.: She told us the next day that she had 104 bobby pins in her hair!

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