Friday, May 25, 2007

Boys - HMPH!!!

You know I love my sons with all my heart. They are truly the lights of my day, but you know sometimes, okay maybe a lot of the time, they make me CRAZY!!

Take this morning for instance. Aidan is in the living room while I am checking e-mails, contemplating what I am going to do today, etc. & I hear a thump. Like the sound of the remote control falling, being dropped - you get the picture.

"Aidan" I say, "What are you doing?". No response. That could be one of my biggest pet peeves, when I ask a question & there is no response. Maybe he's engrossed in the program that's on tv. I don't know. What I do know is that it irritates the hell out of me.

Five minutes goes by. What do I hear...THUNK...from the living room. Remote control falling/being dropped. GRRRR!!! "Aidan, WHAT WAS THAT?" I hiss from my perch.

Again - no answer. I am possibly going to freak. I have my "I'm not happy" face on even as I retell this story.

Two minutes goes by. THUNK..."AIDAN CHARLES!!! IF I HEAR THAT REMOTE CONTROL FALLING AGAIN I AM GOING TO SEND YOU UP TO YOUR ROOM & YOU WILL NOT WATCH TV, PLAY ON THE COMPUTER OR PLAY X-BOX FOR A WEEK!!!" I say very calmly & in a non-threatening tone (If you believe that - man you don't know me well at all!)

Well it's been possibly ten minutes & I have not heard anything REMOTELY (ha ha I crack myself up) sounding like a remote falling coming from the living room.

Maybe I effectively communicated with him. Or maybe he set the remote down.

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