Thursday, May 17, 2007

Field Day 2007

So, what are the chances that Austin & Aidan have land olympics/field day on the exact same day? Pretty good - in fact excellent! Throw into that equation the fact that their schools are 8 miles apart & I have to bring Aidan back for afternoon kindergarten after watching Austin all morning...we had a very busy day!

We started the day by going to WaWa for breakfast & GatorAde for the day. Then dropped Austin off at the Intermediate School at 9:00. 5th Grade Land Olympics didn't start until 9:30, so we had about a half an hour to kill. We visited with Merry at the Athletic Office which is directly across from the stadium to waste time & then went over to watch Austin.

He competed first thing in the 50 yard dash. Well, I hate running so I give him & any other child credit because they were the ones that chose which three events they would compete in today & my view is ...WHY RUNNING?.

Austin came in third in his heat for running the 50 yard dash. Only the top two finishers from each heat went on to the finals, but he told me that the fastest kid in the class was in his heat & he was just glad he came in third.

In the above photo he is on the left, working his way up through the pack.

Then Austin competed in the long jump. He made two jumps with the first one being 8'4" & the second one 8'7". Not too shabby! He said there were kids ahead of him that had jumped 11' or more, but I was just so darn proud of him for trying & doing his best & also having FUN!

Austin on the left after completing his first jump.

Austin after completing the long jump - my handsome guy - even with the long hair.

Around 11:30, Aidan & I left to get some lunch & then back to Brecknock for school & Aidan's field day.

Aidan started field day with the Bean Bag Challenge. They had to run with a bean bag several different ways: balanced on their head, tucked under their chin, between their knees, between their ear & shoulder & I'm sure their is one that I'm forgetting. There was a lot of running involved. See Aidan's concentration with his tongue sticking out?

Then it was on to the bean bag toss. The children had to toss four bean bags into three rings that were spray painted on the ground. All the kids in Aidan's group were pretty good at this event.

Next it was on to the obstacle course where he was "lightening fast" & ran through it in record time I'm sure.

Last they had a sack race & three-legged race that they competed in & Aidan was really good at that too!

The last thing all the kindergarten & pre-first classes had was a candy scramble & that was enjoyed by all the kids.
I picked Austin up from school & he told me that after we left his 4X100 relay team had taken first place & his class won the tug-o-war. I felt bad that I missed it, but I have found that it is impossible to be in two places at matter how hard you try.

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