Sunday, February 7, 2010

Why it's SNOW!!

It snowed here in Brecknock. And I mean SNOWED!
It is kind of scary when they stop referring to the amount of snowfall in inches and they start referring to it as "crippling".
My poor little car & Jerry's van buried.

We probably got about 20 inches of snow from Friday night to Saturday afternoon with more predicted for the middle of the week.

I did my "thing" when it snows - cooked, baked, cleaned. The boys were out shoveling/playing and then inside playing Playstation or PSP.
Austin shoveling the front sidewalk. He did a great job!
Austin and Aidan playing in the side yard.

The dogs didn't know what to think. There are no pictures of Ruger because he doesn't waste any time doing his business. Cabela, however, trots to the beat of her own drummer, leisurely going around sniffing everything and not caring that it is freezing out.

See our little brown tank barreling through the snow?

I must admit that I think the snow is beautiful. Like many other things in my life, I love the thought of "it" (the "it" being snow at the moment) but I don't like the reality of "it". I think I don't like it here because everything stops when it snows. You don't go anywhere, you can't do anything. I mean it. Everything closes or never opens and no one goes anywhere.
They have the fire company run all EMS calls because of the extended ETA of the ambulance. So, Jerry was out a few times with that.
Thank goodness for our wonderful neighbor who faithfully comes down and plows us out. I can't imagine all the backbreaking labor Jerry and the boys would have to do if John didn't come and plow us out! I do not shovel. I have a tough enough time keeping warm INSIDE!
Today the sun is out and a new day is here. Maybe I will get some pictures of the boys out in the snow if they choose to brave it. Other than that, I will be inside doing my thing - cooking, baking and cleaning - OH MY!

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