Monday, February 1, 2010

Jerry's Valentine/Birthday present

For those of you who know what the past year has been like for our family, you know Jerry has been through a lot.

Between taking care of me through three surgeries & being the only parent who could actually do stuff for our sons to dealing with the illness and death of his mother he has been a rock.

Jerry rarely buys anything for himself. He often goes without to make sure that the boys are not.

So we have been trying to save money for a new television. We haven't bought a new t.v. in a long time and he has had his eye on a flat screen for a couple years.

Well his dream finally came true yesterday. Not that we were planning on buying a new tv, we were "just looking". But he would have been crazy to pass up this deal at Wal-Mart. So even though it makes me sick to spend money like this, he got a new Sony television for in the living room.

He deserves it. Now I just need to find a cabinet to go underneath it to hold all of the game system/receivers and such.

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