Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Valentine & Birthday present

As you may well know, this past weekend was Valentine's Day. I had hinted around about wanting a Pandora bracelet, but I did some Internet research and decided that I didn't want one that bad.
Imagine my surprise when my husband presented me with this bag from Gehman Jewelers.
I was in fact kind of mad. I started to cry, telling him "I don't deserve this" and I may have threatened to give him a tap someplace he didn't want tapped. I had told him that I didn't want him to spend the money on something impractical like this and I didn't "need" it.
Inside the bag was a small box wrapped in this beautiful wrapping paper and awesome bow. (He would like to take credit for the wrap job I'm sure!).
I opened the box...
And inside was this beautiful Pandora bracelet.
With three charms that Jerry picked out himself.
A silver heart with a pink stone. A silver charm with purple stones. And a silver tribal art charm.
I absolutely love it. It is the perfect gift for me. And for Jerry too.
Whenever he is at a loss for something to get me - a Pandora charm will do very nicely!

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