Thursday, July 19, 2007

Altered Six-Pack

My friend & Creative Memories upline Nicki recently promoted to Unit Leader.

Our unit had a party for her this past Tuesday evening.

I was perplexed as to what to get her when I came across this little item on the Scrapshare website.

It is a cardboard six-pack holder that Jerry spray painted blue for me & then I used die-cuts from my Sizzix machine to embellish it.

The little tags read as follows:
"You aren't a DUM-DUM" filled w/ Dum-Dums
"You're a SMARTIE" filled w/ Smarties
"Now before you make a $100,000 GRAND" filled w/ $100,000 Grand bars

"TAKE 5 for yourself!" filled w/ Take 5 bars
"Lots of HUGS &" filled w/ Hershey Hugs
"KISSES to you!" filled w/ Hershey Kisses

She really liked it & I loved how it came out. It was a terrific way to recycle & have a unique gift!

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