Monday, July 16, 2007


You know what one of my biggest pet peeves is???? People telling me how my youngest son is and the asinine comments they make about him.

It especially irks me when the people making the comments are ones that don't even have any children themselves. I mean come on.

My youngest son is no angel. I know this. He has an alter personality we affectionately call "Buttholio". He can be very VERY difficult, stubborn, mouthy, obstinate & just downright mean. I KNOW THIS.

Here are examples of stupid comments & the answers I would like to retort. Most of the time I bite my tongue until it bleeds.

You better hope it's just a stage. Ya think? I mean I was hoping that he would be throwing temper tantrums forever. It would particularly helpful when he is an executive in a boardroom to lay on the ground & kick & stomp.

If I were you, I'd beat him. You know what genius...I've tried. He doesn't respond well to physical punishment. It makes him more physical. It makes me feel like crap for having hit him. I guess you should just be glad that your not me.

You're the parent. I AM?!?!?! I am so glad you pointed this out to me. I was thinking that his real parents were going to be back for him any day. Thank you! THANK YOU!

I'm so glad he's not my kid...I'd kill him. Then you'd be in jail. You say that would be better than dealing with him...okay let me know how you feel about that after a couple months there. You know I'm not thrilled & jumping for joy about the outbursts either, but that's right - I'M THE PARENT.

Thank you for letting me vent.

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