Sunday, March 7, 2010

Brecknock Celebrity Bingo 03/05/2010

This past Friday night was family night at Brecknock Elementary. The P.T.O. held a Celebrity Bingo Night in the cafeteria.

Jerry was approached by the president of the P.T.O. to be a celebrity. He is a lieutenant at the Brecknock Fire Company and whenever help is needed, he is there.

As a celebrity, your duty was to call a game of bingo.

He is definitely a celebrity in my book.
Always the fireman, he is attempting to listen to his pager while he is being introduced.
Jerry calling a game of bingo.
He was upstaged by Screwball, the Reading Phillies mascot. You should have heard the crowd erupt when Screwball walked in.

Other celebrities included the voice of the U-Scan at Redner's ("Please scan your Pump Perks card now"), former gym teacher Mrs. Higgins, principal Dr. Kueny, former teachers Mrs. Orzechowski and Mr. Engle, Dairy Queen owner Mr. Hamid, substitute teacher Mrs. Vandevort and many more that I can't remember.

This was a fantastic event. There were probably about 150 people there. Everyone had a wonderful time.
This is what ACE chose as his prize when our table won a game of bingo. A jiggly, glittery shamrock headband. Just what every nine year-old boy needs.

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