Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Aidan's 3rd Grade "Create A Community" Project

Aidan has a project due tomorrow. Actually the Ebersole family has a project due. And by that I also mean Ryan and Amy Payne and Scott Swavely. Those are all the people it took to get this project done. When they say "It Takes A Village" I am positive that they are referring to third grade social studies projects.
I called in reinforcement on Monday night. Amy has such a patient way with Aidan. Thank goodness!
We bought all the materials for the model at A.C. Moore. They have these wonderful kits from SceneARama that make model making a bit easier.

He also had to complete a map and a report about the island. I'm telling you - these third grade projects are killing me.

Because you know who has to type the report ("Please Mom - will you type my report for me? You do such a good job.")
Here is the completed model.

After the weekend we had and the last minute scramble to get the project finished, all I can say is "Whew". I'm glad this project is done!

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