Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas 2008

The family Ebersole had a wonderful Christmas. We were in Erie (of course) and it was just fantastic to be there with everyone. I miss my family so much & I think I don't realize it until I am back with them. It makes my heart hurt.

Anyway, we had a fun Christmas Eve at my Uncle Chuck's house. Everyone was there. All my mother's brother, their spouses, children & grandchildren. My great-Uncle Tom & his wife Joanne were there too. We made a list of everyone that was there - 42 of us in all. The kids love playing with each other & it is always good to see everyone together. Santa also came to join in the fun bearing gifts for all the kids.
Christmas Day was spent opening presents for four hours, enjoying Mom's breakfast casserole & admiring everyone's gifts. My mom says she cut down this year, but everyone had a tough time believing that.

Here are a couple pictures of the boys & Charlie on Christmas morning.
Jerry came back home on Saturday afternoon leaving the boys & I to fend for ourselves, which we did quite well. We went down to Pop Myers' on Sunday and enjoyed time with Pop, Aunt Lin, Uncle Carp, Aunt Deb, Uncle Neal, Uncle Ron & Allison. It was a wonderful time.

Here is a picture of Pop with his three great-grandsons.
It snowed a couple time while we were there & I love a white Christmas. I don't think there's anything else like it. There's nothing like Christmas in Harbor Creek. Nothing.

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