Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election 2008

Early this morning, Aidan & I went to the Brecknock Township Building & stood in line for 25 minutes to cast our vote for the next president of the United States.

I think it's important for our children to participate in the voting process. It made Aidan feel really good to push the buttons to select our choices & then push the big green "VOTE" button.

I cautioned him after we left the building to not tell everyone who we voted for. He was proud to tell his teachers that he already had voted this morning.

Austin went with Jerry to vote this afternoon. They waited about 30 seconds. Jerry let him push the "VOTE" button.

It amazes me that both of our sons formed opinions about who would be the best candidate for the president and they formed their opinions on their own.

Jerry & I don't talk about politics that much. Other than the occasional "He is really doing a bad job" or "I am so tired of the price of everything going up, up, up" we don't discuss it. Jerry's a Republican. I'm a Democrat. It usually ends up with him siding with his party & me siding with mine.

Austin said that he has been for Barack Obama pretty much from the start & doesn't think that we (his parents) influenced his decision. Austin said he will register as a Democrat when he is old enough to vote.

Aidan said that he likes Obama because he's young. Aidan said he is going to be a Republican.

I hope he asks me how to spell it - D-E-M-O-C-R-A-T.

It would make my grandmother proud.

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