Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I am a Genius

Okay maybe that's a bit extreme, but I was very proud at my own resourcefulness.

I am a greeting card collector. I buy cards, bring them home, put them away for future use & NEVER use them. This is because I had several different places I kept them & then couldn't remember where I put them. It was frustrating!

A few weeks ago, I was looking at a fundraising brochure that Aidan had brought home from school & inside there was a greeting card organizer. It was cute, but not big enough to house my collection of cards. I thought about buying it, but then I thought "That will never be big enough to keep all my cards and stationary." I then thought about the box that I had the majority of my cards in. I had bought it at Ollie's several years ago and would just haphazardly throw stuff in it.

Hmmm...I could MAKE my own greeting card organizer! All I would need is some dividers & labels. I could then customize it to my own needs. PERFECT!

I started by cutting file folders to fit in the box. The box measures 9" square, so I cut the folders 8-1/2" across and 8-1/16" high.

I then organized my greeting cards by occasion. By doing this, I could make a list of what labels I needed to make.

Then I made the labels using clip art that is on the laptop & a funky font I found on the internet.

I staggered the folders (left tab, middle tab, right tab), adhered the labels and then put the cards in the appropriate spot.

It felt so good to get all my cards organized. And then when I want to send a card, all I have to do is look in my organizer to see if I have an appropriate card or need to get one.

I must confess that I love Walmart & their selection of economy cards. Whenever I am there, I pick up 5 or 10 cards for various occasions, bring them home & then I always have a card on hand.

So when you get a card from me, you'll know it came from my new system.

Organization does work!

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Tricia said...

It seems to me, you are trying to avoid a bigger project... is that true???