Tuesday, April 29, 2008

6th Grade Spelling - for Aidan

Each Friday, Aidan has a spelling test.

Aidan is a pretty good speller, (is that even a word??). He receives his new words for the week every Monday. I write the words on cards that we can take anywhere and work on them whenever we get a few moments. My favorite place to work on them is when we're riding in the car. It helps pass the time from Point A to Point B & he usually doesn't mind working on them in this setting. I must confess, I like it too because there aren't any distractions.

This week Aidan got his new words. He gets ten new words each week, plus five "optional" words (which I make mandatory). This week one of his challenge words is detective. It just so happens that on Austin's list of twenty spelling words, detective, is also found.

I find this amusing, my seven (almost eight) year-old is learning to spell words that my 12 year-old is also learning. I amazed in the differences in the curriculum from Austin's first grade experience to Aidan's year in first grade.

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Tricia said...

I am SO proud of both of my boys!