Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Aidan's Spring Open House

Tonight we went to Aidan's Spring Open House. This year there was a scavenger hunt to complete in Room 179.

Here is Aidan with the best (in my opinion) first grade teacher in the world.

1. Got to your cubby and show your scroll to your family. Aidan's scroll goes up to the number 500!

2. Read a book from your book pocket to your family. Aidan is reading the book "Bears" to us.

3. Look through you math journal with your family. We looked at Aidan's math journal that he does work in every day.

4. See if your mom or dad can guess which silhouette is yours. Aidan is standing right next to his silhouette (on the bottom). I helped cut them out & hang them up, so I didn't guess.

5. Show your family the promise you made at the beginning of the school year. This is series of promises the children signed. All I can remember is: Sit criss-cross applesauce. Aidan also told me that there is one that says: Raise your hand to speak and another one is never call out.

6. Show your family the Fraction Creature your made. Aidan's Fraction Creature is made up of 23 blocks. 12/23 of the Creature is red. 11/23 of the Creature is orange. I can't believe my 7 year old is doing fractions!

7. Read your favorite big book to your family. Be sure to wear the glasses! Aidan read the book "Sweet Dreams" to us.

8. Tell your family about your classroom job! Aidan's new job is the paper passer. Whenever Mrs. Moyer has papers to pass out to the class, Aidan is the man for the job.

Jerry took a picture of this painting that hangs at Brecknock. It was paint by his great-uncle, Papa Horning who was a local folk artist.


Tricia said...

Those boys are growing up so fast!

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