Thursday, June 28, 2007


The end of week number one was ended with the boys returning from their camping weekend with Saba, Shamma & Rick Stoner. They had a wonderful time at the "Death by Chocolate" weekend at Brookdale. The made a huge haul on candy & had so much fun.

Steve, Maggie & Charlie even came over for the day on Saturday, so Saba & Shamma got to spend the day with all their grandsons.

Week number two started out with a trip to the movies to see Evan Almighty. And might I say, it is a great family movie. A good message for children & adults too! was FREAKIN' HOT!!! We went to Waldameer Park & Water World where we spent the majority of our time in Water World.

When Aidan & I finally ventured out into the park, we went on our favorite rides: Sky Ride (Aidan & I), Pirates Cove (Aidan only - I have never liked this ride!), Thunder Canyon (I think this is what it's called - it's the log flume ride where you get wet!) & the Waldameer must ride Wacky Shack (Aidan & I).

While we were waiting in the long line for Thunder Canyon, I said to Aidan, "We should go on that new ride over there!". And with that I pointed to this tall pinnacle towering over us. He said "I don't know Mom if I want to go on THAT!!!".

THAT is the new attraction at Waldameer called X Scream.

It is a ride that sit with your back to the center, your legs dangle below you & it very slowly proceeds to hoist you 140 feet in the air, let you hang for just a second and then lets you free fall back down to within 12 feet of the platform.

I am TERRIFIED of heights & I was really swallowing hard when after we got off Thunder Canyon he said "Sure Mom, I'll go on that with you!". I gulped & managed to tell him "O-O-O-O-kay...L-L-L-Lets G-G-Go" and off we went to wait in the surprisingly short (much to my chagrin) line for X Scream.

We got on the ride & I helped Aidan buckle himself in & the proceeded to buckle myself in. We observed the sign that demonstrated the proper way to sit in your seat (look straight ahead - don't look down). Yeah - no kidding. We'd hate for you to crap your pants on the way up & on the way down.

It took an excruciatingly long time to get to the top of the ride. However I must say the view of the peninsula & Lake Erie is breathtaking. And then like I said,a split second later - Aidan & I were plummeting towards earth.

I wish I could have seen his face & was probably glad I couldn't see my own. I'm sure "Holy S***" escaped my lips.

And then before I knew it, we were unbuckling & off the ride - just like that. We then walked over to the Wacky Shack which is right next door & while we were waiting in line, Aidan says "Mom, I'll go on that X Scream ride again if you want me to" to which I reply "Uh, no we don't have time to do that again, we will have to get back to meet Shamma.".

Thank God for having to pick up Dad from work. I don't think I could have handled another ride.

Thursday we went to the Erie Zoo. I love the zoo & so do Shamma & her boys. Our trip this time was extra special because it was Charlie's first trip to the zoo. And let me tell you, he was thrilled.

We got to see all our favorite animals as well as some new additions.

The boys got to ride the carousel & then the train. We all had so much fun, which is the norm at the zoo.

Austin, Aidan & I, Dessa Hoover & Maggie & Charlie

Austin riding the turkey on the carousel

Aidan riding the jack rabbit

My sweet little nephew

Tomorrow Mom & I are going to see a docudrama called Grey Gardens & we are also going to Borders - WOO HOO!

I don't think anything exciting is planned for this weekend. At least not at the moment.

Jerry~ We all miss you soooo much & can't wait to see you next weekend! We love you!!!! MUUUUAH. XXXOOO

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