Wednesday, June 13, 2007


About Me

I AM: Emotional, Stubborn, Creative, Loyal

I WANT: A better relationship with my husband. I hope its not too late

I HAVE: Too much stuff - period.

I WISH: That I was more ambitious

I HATE: Being far away from my family

I MISS: My parents, my sisters

I HEAR: The boys talking (a.k.a. arguing) about what movie they are going to watch

I SEARCH: For a quick fix for all my problems

I WONDER: If things will ever change

I REGRET: Getting married so young & moving away from my family

I LOVE: My sons, the spring & fall, staying up late talking with my sisters

I ACHE: For my sons when whey are hurting

I ALWAYS: Try to do the best I can - although sometimes - okay most times - not very successful with this.

I AM NOT: Very patient or understanding sometimes.

I DANCE: When no ones watching, or when I've had a few drinks

I SING: All the time...Karaoke anyone?

I CRY: More than I should.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: A good friend, or good mother - I try though.

I WRITE: As often as I can here of late. I actually enjoy writing.

I WIN: When I am there for my sons.

I LOSE: When I miss the little things. They are what makes life worth living.


I NEED: Someone who motivates me & who I can motivate

I HOPE: That my sons become wonderful young men. They are my legacy to this world.

I WEAR: Stuff that is comfy & keeps me warm!

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