Sunday, June 3, 2007


This is quite possibly the hardest thing I have ever done.

My sweet eleven year old has been growing his hair for close to a year. Except for the occasional trim, he hasn't gotten his hair cut.

He has taken a lot of harassment from his aunts, his cousins, I'm sure from his friends at school, but he didn't care, he liked his hair. I defended him, kept asking people "Did you forget the seventies - when every guy had long hair?"

Well, it's been kind of warm here the past week & I think he finally had it with the long hair.

Tonight he asked if I would cut his hair. I was mortified.

"Who - me?" I stammered. And he said "Yeah Mom - just buzz it off. I want my head shaved.

So I took a deep breath, a deep gulp & began to shave his head.

He sat through my gasps & endured a shaver that heated up after all that work.

He got a shower where his father lathered up his head & then shaved it with a straight razor &
put after shave on it.

Thanks goodness he has a nice round head! Doesn't he look handsome?

And grown up too. Maybe I don't like it so much.

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Tricia said...

Austin, diggin' the new look, although if we get you an earring and a white t-shirt you could perhaps double as Mr. Clean! Love you!