Monday, October 4, 2010

A Sunday of Fun!

Happy Monday everybody! Another weekend has flown by and here we are at Monday again. I'm telling you - slow this crazy ride down!!

Saturday was pretty calm. Jerry was on service & the boys are still on house restriction, so they were here, but getting along, so it was enjoyable.

Sunday however, everything was a little hectic! We left the house right before noon to go to Owen J. Roberts High School for ACE's football game. They got crushed and our ten year-old is starting to not like playing.
I know winning isn't always the point, it's the fun of playing, blah, blah, blah. He's a boy. He's ten. He wants to win. Period. It's the same story each week. He's even "threatened us" with "I think I'll just play soccer next year". No.You.Will.Not. Period.

Everything was smoothed over with a stop at Sonic on the way home.
The game was over in record time and it was a good thing because I had the baby shower for our niece and nephew-in-law in the afternoon.

They party was wonderful and they got bunches of wonderful gifts for their new little addition.

I have to tell you, I don't know how our sons made it to the ages that they are. I can not believe all the stuff they have for a baby. I mean I'm sure everyone feels that way when they go to shop for things for the "next generation" but seriously people, pacifier wipes??? What happened to either running it under water or the popular "phoof" it off? I am pretty sure those are still accredited methods, but if you need to waste your money, err I mean buy special wipes for anything from their buns to their boogies. I guess that's your choice. Maybe I'm just ticked that I didn't think of it first!

It was a great weekend & I hope everyone had a fantastic one also. Here's to a fun week!

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