Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Geocaching Addiction

As if you didn't already know, my name is Tracy and I am addicted to geocaching.

There I said it.

We only started caching the beginning of August and have found more than 60 treasures!
Uncle Matt & I rooting through the loot in the Hogback Hollow cache in Potter County.
Uncle Rick & Uncle Matt looking at the Potter County Trail map.

The Dragons of Cymru cache near the Cumru Township building

Aidan & I at Middle Creek on the Mill Stone Trail

 We really didn't have time to look for any this past weekend which really bummed me out.  We went for a micro on Monday night, found it easily and that made the world all better.

I don't know how many we will get done this weekend either with the NHRA coming to Maple Grove, but we shall see.

We have purchased our first ammo can & we are going to attempt to hide our own geocache.

People are clever when it comes to unique containers to use as cache vessels.

I love it when just Jerry & I go out.  We get to go for a walk, talk & just be together.  Our geocaching adventure will hopefully continue for years to come. 

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