Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lazy Sundays

The boys spent the night at Merry's last night, so Jerry & I had another night to ourselves. We went to Grill Fire Company Turkey Raffle. Once again, we did not win a turkey, but we did have a fun time!

We took Merry along with us (Julie & Scott were in charge of the boys), had a couple of cocktails & then were home a little after midnight. I love having grown-up nights!

This morning we went to get the boys & then came home and made a Coconut Custard Pie (a test run for Thursday). I am also going to make another batch of Christmas Cookies to freeze.

All my boys are in the living room watching a movie - laughing & having some quality male bonding time. I do love a lazy Sunday - even if it's not that lazy for me!

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