Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hey All!

How's everybody doing? The Ebersole Family is fantastic! We have rolled into November with very little scars & love this season.
We are officially done with football. Aidan was done this past Sunday & Austin has his last football game Tuesday, November 3 at Pottsville (which is right next door to Yuengling!)
Aidan's team didn't fare too well on Sunday, but he still had a good time playing in the mud at Exeter. Austin's team beat Pottsville very handily & they were pretty psyched about that. On Thursday, they will be having a pizza party for the end of their season.
I have included several pictures of my boys - just so you can see them in action.
Austin - #13 - in the middle
Pottsville Stadium
Aidan's Halloween costume creation - don't ask because I have no idea
So, that's about it for us. Just enjoying life & trying not to get TOO crazy!

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